Empties banila co clean it zero, elf melt cleansing, IDUN, L300, Pai rosehip oil, Pixi cleansing balm

Time to dive into my quarterly empties! I’ve finished a lot of products these last couple of months but I’ve narrowed it down a little; a third of them were repurchasings that I’ve already mentioned in my other empties (go check them out if you haven’t!); another few I put aside for a more detailed review. As always, this list contains mostly cleansers – I go through them like a bag of chips! lol


Empties banila co clean it zero, elf melt cleansing

ELF | Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser

I slipped this into my order when ordering some vitamins off of iHerb. I totally forgot that this should’ve been included in my iHerb haul. But as I’ve already taken pictures and included it in my empties, I might as well review it here.
The thing is that this seems to have been discontinued on iHerb and even Ulta. Unsure if they will get it in again. But its still sold through their website though. In Sweden Lyko and Nordicfeel is your best options.

I got this because I wanted to dabble into cleansing balms again and saw that it contained no fragrance nor essential oils! Not to mention the affordability and the clean and simple ingredient list!
It’s a quite solid cleansing gel that turns to an oil-balm consistency once you massage it in. Enriched with Argan and Rosehip oil, as well as, rose extract and vitamin C.

It’s been with me throughout the summer and its end. I found it to be a great first cleanse. It’s gentle, non-fragrant, and I liked the innovative gel-texture. It washed off easily leaving the skin soft. But as always, if you have acne-prone or oily skin, you should definitely do another wash with a water-based cleanser. And dry skin – if depending on this as your only cleanser – should end with a swipe of cleansing toner to be sure you removed all your makeup and sunscreen.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t last you very long. I kept it mostly at our summer house which we visited semi-weekly throughout the summer, and it took me only 3 months to finish it. What if I had used it every day? Would it only have lasted me a month?

Consider a repurchase? Yes. I liked it and it’s an affordable option.

IDUN | Cleansing Mousse

I wrote a short review some months ago on a few products from IDUN. This mousse cleanser was one of my favorites and lasted me a while.
After finishing it up I can’t say that my opinion has changed much. I still find it to be a good and gentle foaming cleanser. But like I mentioned in my post before, there’s a similar cleanser from L300 that’s also much cheaper. At the moment I’m trying a new brand and we’ll see if it manages to take the first spot from L300.

Consider a repurchase? No. I don’t have anything against it just that it’s a bit simple and pricey compared to similar products.

Empties IDUN Cleansing Mousse and L300 Sensitive gentle foaming cleanser


An oil that gets mentioned a little here and there on the blog. It’s one of my absolute favorite oils that I tend to stock up during Christmas sales.
It’s an expensive rosehip oil, but can not be compared to any of the cheaper ones as this one is extracted differently. It contains both the seed and fruit extract, as well as, rosemary extract for added anti-aging benefits. I find it to be one of the best oils for naturally fading PIH from acne, and evening out the skin tone. I usually use a drop or two together with my moisturizer.

Consider a repurchase? Yes. I’ve tried other rosehip oils, but this one’s the best.

Banila Co | Clean Zero Purity

You may remember that I bought this second hand. If not? You can check my more in-detailed review over here if you’ve missed it!

Again, I can’t say that much of my opinion has changed since my review, other than I found to like it a little bit less at the end. As I mentioned in my review, the texture wasn’t my dream texture. However, it’s when I later switched back to using a cleansing oil or tried another balm, I realized that my skin got a little bit better.

Not that the Clean It Zero Purity balm made my skin worse in any way. It just didn’t bring anything to the table that visibly improved my skin like some other first cleansers I’ve tried. So I’m suspecting that it wasn’t cleaning as thoroughly as it should or maybe my skin simply didn’t benefit from the formula? I don’t know, I can’t say anything for sure other than there are better balms and oils for my face.

Consider a repurchase? Not this one, but wouldn’t mind trying the other balms.

Empties banila co clean it zero, elf melt cleansing, IDUN, L300, Pai rosehip oil, Pixi cleansing balm 3

MOSSA | BB Nude Tinting Moisturizer (Gifted)

Because of its lack of sun protection, it took me some time to finish this one up as I mostly reserved its use for fall and wintertime. You can read my basic review here (scroll down for English). None of my thoughts back then has changed. I still find it to be a really nice tinted moisturizer with organic and natural ingredients. Its sheer coverage makes it suitable for most people with light to medium skin tone. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an inexpensive natural tinted moisturizer. However, I do find the lack of sun protection to be its biggest downfall which made me unsure of how to fit it into my routine.

Consider a repurchase? No, I won’t. As a replacement, I’ve instead purchased L300 CC cream that works just like this one but has SPF15 and is fragrance-free. It’s not natural or has organic ingredients, but has more of the components I’m looking for in a sheerly tinted moisturizer. I will still reserve it for wintertime use because of its low SPF. But it’s more hydrating, even cheaper, and easier for me to find and buy. However, if you don’t live in Sweden, L300 is not easy to get your hands on.

L300 | Hyaluronic Renewal Day Cream

As I repurchased yet another bottle of the L300 night cream I added the day cream to try (the one without SPF). It has a light gel-cream texture, but despite that, it didn’t really work for my skin during the summer. My boyfriend, however, liked it a lot. It didn’t feel necessarily heavy, it just felt uncomfortable and a bit sticky in humid and warm weather. Despite my not-so-impressed first experience, I’m willing to give it another go for winter.

Consider a repurchase? Yes, to test out further.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?
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