Empties Klairs Black cleansing oil, iUnik Tea Tree Serum, COSRX Low pH Gel Cleanser, L300, Indy Beauty, Mossa

Another quarter has passed and I’ve truly made an effort to finish things before buying new products! Some of the things I’ve already repurchased, other’s I’m glad to finally let go of!
Love for you to ask any questions regarding the empties or sharing your experience if you’ve tested one of them out! And if you have any tips on what I should try next, I’m happy to hear!


Mossa Youth defense Day Cream

Took me some time to finish this one. Mainly because my skin keeps on switching on what it likes and doesn’t like. As well as testing other brands. Around March I finished most of my moisturizers and dusted this one off to finally finish it up. I ended up using it mostly as a night cream. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad moisturizer and I did like it.
My opinion since my review hasn’t changed. And I still very much like their BB cream, just sad that it doesn’t contain at least SPF 15.

Repurchase? I won’t. Mainly because it contains fragrance and I’m still trying to find my perfect fit as I’m very picky about how I want my skin to feel like after I’ve moisturized.

Mac Waterweight Foundation

This foundation doesn’t need much of an introduction as you can read all about it here. My thoughts and feelings about it haven’t changed since then. I still find this to be one of the best sheer coverage foundations. And I still like it better than the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue. It’s the foundation that made me start using foundation again and realize how far formulations has come.
I recently found out that it isn’t just Smashbox that offer the same formula under a different name and price tag, but apparently, Estee Lauder Doublewear Nude foundation is supposed to have the same exact formula! As Estee Lauder owns all three brands, it’s no wonder. But there’s a bit of a controversy surrounding this foundation when caring about cruelty-free status. Nonetheless, seeing three different brands carrying the same formulation must say something about how good this foundation is!
It has a shelf life of 24 months, and it’s getting close to its two-year mark. I’ve only had some issues the last six months of it not giving a smooth coverage. The last drops were sourced by taking out the pipette and pouring the foundation directly onto my hand. At this moment in time, I’m a bit tired of foundations and unsure if I will repurchase. I still have a few I need to use up, and I have one that I really want to try next!

Repurchase? Perhaps in the future and then from Smashbox as I luckily had a better shade match but also the brand is cruelty-free.

COSRX Low pH Cleanser

I had a bit of a rough start with this one. I felt it stung my eyes just like the Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser.
But it slowly grew on me as it wasn’t as terrible as the Klairs face wash. In the end, I would say that this is a really good and gentle cleanser for anyone with acneic skin.
Reminds me of the Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Skin Wash that also has a smell of Tea Tree. But this one has a much better price point and isn’t bombarded with essential oils.
COSRX has definitely impressed me much more than Klairs, and I will try more things from them for sure.

Repurchase? Not now, but can definitely see myself order this again!

Empties Klairs Black cleansing oil, iUnik Tea Tree Serum, COSRX Low pH Gel Cleanser, L300, Indy Beauty, Mossa

iUnik Tea Tree Serum*

I got this gifted almost a year ago, you can read my review about it here and iUnik’s hyaluronic acid toner – which I’m still yet to finish.
As you get a generous 50ml amount of serum, and you don’t need much, this has lasted me a long time. With that said, I am still liking the Tea Tree serum and recommending it. It’s not what I would call a holy grail… But I feel the same as with every hydrating serum I’ve tested so far, they are all okay. But with this one, the price range is just right most people’s alley and you get a generous amount. It’s also the closest one I find to replace a beloved discontinued serum from ACO.

A few months ago I ordered some more samples on the Propolis serum and contemplating if I should go with that one for the winter time instead. Not to mention that, since my review, iUnik has expanded their Tea Tree range to include a toner and a foaming cleanser that sounds interesting and gentle! And ooh, just looked at their site and see that they’ve also added an oil cleanser and I’m in need to replace one! This brand will surely pop up on the blog again in the future.

Repurchase? Yes. I want to try more products from this brand and will definitely at least try their new Tea Tree toner or foaming wash for sure.

Klairs Black Seed Oil

All I can say is that I finally finished it up! I got two with my order and sold the second bottle I had. Thinking about it now, I should’ve just sold this one further too. But the thought didn’t hit me until I was halfway through the bottle! And around that time I felt like I could just use it up.
I make it seem like it’s a terrible oil cleanser, but it depends on how you rate it. Actually, it didn’t hurt my skin at all. I just found it to be no fun to use. I don’t find the the fragrance any good and don’t like that it has a fragrance at all.
But the worst was washing it off, which I mentioned in my 1 Emptie 1 Newbie-post. It made me waste my foaming wash more than I should. Other oil/balm cleansers I’ve tried has emulsified beautifully and washed off easily. But this one just turns into an emulsifying mess that’s hard to get rid off. Because I know there are better-formulated ones out there, I don’t feel like anyone should bother with this one!

Repurchase? A definite No.

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb

I got this sample when I bought a few things at Sephora. I’ve heard great things about this brand but always been very skeptic towards it as the products use a lot of essential oils for fragrance, and this cream is no exception. I actually just now see that it also contains alcohol! Fifth in the list, so not too bad. This cream is described as a lightweight, oil-free gel-cream that provides intense hydration. Not to mention, it has a beautiful blue hue. It’s recommended for normal/combination/oily skin. The reviews on Sephora is mostly five-star reviews, but I personally felt a little “meh” about it. I’ve experimented with a few gel-creams, like Dr. Jart+ Water Drop for example. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that gels are just not my cup of tea. They feel wonderful when applied, but though they dry often matte, my skin just doesn’t feel velvety smooth like I want to.

The Belif Aqua Bomb didn’t feel “intensely” hydrating to me and I wasn’t fond of the citrus scent from the essential oils. It didn’t irritate my skin but felt like it would with continued daily use. Perhaps I’d like the Moisturizing Bomb instead? Having normal skin is like having combination skin, sometimes moisturizers for oily skin works, but surprisingly, more often than not, it’s the ones for dry skin that works the best! But I don’t know, the use of two dozen extracts and on top of that essential oils makes me still very skeptic towards the brand. It’s also weird that Sephora tags their products as fragrance-free when they clearly state “fragrance” in the ingredient list?!

Repurchase? No, but I would like to give the cream-version a try.

Empties shea moisture 10-in-1, Mac Waterweight, R+Co Aircraft, Belif Aqua Bomb review

Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Superfruit Complex Shampoo & Conditioner

I got this duo way back during Black Friday sale. I wanted to switch up my shampoo after using the same for one year and a half. And as I didn’t use conditioner, I thought it was time to try and find something more nourishing. I’ve always wanted to try Shea Moisture, and I originally had my eyes set on their Fruit Fusion-line that’s supposed to be lighter, and was what they recommended following their test. But FeelUnique, where I ordered, just didn’t have them in stock at the time. I read up on their 10-in1 renewal system, and the anti-aging and nourishing aspects drew me in!

I found the shampoo to be quite thick, but would eventually work up a lather. You really don’t need to use much, and that’s why it has lasted me almost a year! The conditioner wasn’ as velvety and nourishing as I had expected. It was thick and got more and more difficult to get out of the bottle. It didn’t make my hair as soft and shiny as some other conditioners I’ve tried. But at least it didn’t weigh my hair down.

Eventually, I grew tired of it. I realized that after a couple of washes my hair wouldn’t look and act less great. Speaking with others and reading reviews, it was clear that Shea Moisture had a tendency to build up over time.
I’m still learning the do’s and don’t of the curly girl method. But one thing I just can’t seem to understand is the contradicting preach of saying that silicones are hard to wash off and because they need a sulfate shampoo we should avoid them. But on the other hand, it’s perfectly fine to use a detox shampoo with sulfates to clean your hair from the build-up of your sulfate-free shampoo and your silicone-free styling products! If you need to use a sulfate shampoo regardless, why avoid silicones in the first place?! 

Repurchase? No. I had my suspicions and this made it clear that Shea Moisture doesn’t suit my hair type. My hair has more or less low porosity, and Shea Moisture makes products for the more opposite and dry hair types. I would, however, give it another go and try the Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo for hair growth. But I will probably not bother with this brand in the future.

R+Co Aircraft

It’s one of my absolute favorite products by R+Co that I’ve tried so far, yet I haven’t reviewed it on the blog! You might remember my review I did on their Chiffon Mousse, which was the first product I ever tried from the brand. (Here’s more if you’re interested) Shortly after finishing Chiffon, I went and purchased Aircraft in travel size, and then I did that again. So what I’m reviewing now is my second travel sized bottle of Aircraft, and yes, I should absolutely just buy the full size!
I really like this mousse better than the Chiffon. It has about all the elements that I expected Chiffon to be. I find it to give more shine and make the hair softer to touch than the other styling mousse.
If you love second hair day and can’t wait to get there, this mousse is for you. Now it’s possible to go overboard with it, and the only reason I kept buying the travel size is that it lasts you so long and you don’t need to take much. Well, at least that was true when I had shorter hair! It defines my waves much better and works a lot better as a leave-in conditioner. Mind that it does not contain any silicones either! For picture reference, check out my review of the RMS Signature Palette, where I give you a few headshots where I’ve used Aircraft in my hair styling.
If you have wavy hair and want soft beachy but more put-together-waves, definitely give this a go! This doesn’t have a stronghold, so there’s no need to worry about a crisp feeling or look, which could sometimes be felt with Chiffon. I also think the pomade-nature of this mousse makes it a diverse product and can be used by different lengths and hair types to create different results!

Repurchase? This is already a repurchase and I’d gladly do it again. But I’ll probably wait for now, as I want to try R+Co’s new Rodeo Star mousse and I’m also looking for a more strong hold mousse for curls.

Due to these being Swedish brands only sold in Sweden, the empties review will continue in Swedish.

Indy Beauty Body Lotion

När Therése Lindgren släppte sitt nya hudvårsmärke Indy Beauty så var det i stort sätt bara den här kropplotionet som vann min uppmärksamhet. Jag vill ju helst inte använda hudvård med parfym i. Men när det kommer till kroppen är jag lite mer slapp då det är så svårt att hitta riktigt bra kroppsprodukter som är parfymfri och inte minst cruelty-free. Som vanligt, de som görs parfymfritt är oftast för mycket torr hud. Jag vill gärna ha mer lätta kroppsprodukter med minimal fetthalt då jag ofta plågas av något som kallas “svampakne” (fungal acne) på bröst, axlar och rygg. Jag vet anledningarna, men vi ska inte gå inte så mycket på det…

Utan vad som gör den här kroppslotionet så bra och varför jag även kommer att fortsätta köpa den är att den har en hög halt av Urea. Vilket är bra i att motverka svampakne om man nu redan har fått det. Från min research är detta den enda lotion som har urea så högt i ingredienslistan. Den har också lugnande ingredienser, och en ganska svag doft som luktar gott. Funkar jättebra för normal hud och sjunker in väldigt fint och lämnar huden len. Förpackningen är snygg och stilren. Däremot kunde den ha säljts i tub då konsistensen är trögflytande och svår att pumpa de sista. Sluta med att jag fick klippa upp bara för att hitta 3 generösa användningar till!

Återköp? Redan gjort!

L300 Intensive Moisture Day Cream & Night Cream

Nu stämmer inte bilderna riktigt då jag klippte upp Intensive Moisture och därav fick den utebli i bilderna. Hursom, så erbjuder L300 deras dagkräm för torr hud i liten reseförpackning på 30ml. Jag tog detta som en möjlighet att få testa den trots att den möjligtvis skulle vara för fet för mig. Ord som “intensive moisture” gör mig alltid lite skrämd, och jag blir lika förvånad när produkterna funkar även för mig! Trots att den gick bra ihop med min hy så trivs jag bättre i L300:as Fresh Face day cream som torkar lite mer matt. Men i och med att de reformulerat denna, så kan jag inte svara på om jag gillar den lika mycket. Men det är i stort sätt min pojkvän som fått använda upp denna, speciellt på sommaren. Annars tycker jag att det är en väldigt bra kräm för dom med torr och känslig hy. 

Sedan har jag och pojkvännen gjort slut på ännu en Hyaluronic Renewal night cream! I och med att vi är två, så förbrukas den på tre månader. Vi har redan en ny, samt att jag beslöt att vi ska testa dagkrämen från samma kollektion. Så förmodligen kommer denna nämnas i nästa Empties eller redan på instagram!

Återköp? Kommer inte köpa dagkrämen för torr hud igen, och nattkrämen är redan införskaffad och används!

L300 Sensitive Foaming Cleanser

(Inte med på bild då den gjordes slut på resa)

Efter att ha testat deras mousse- och gelrengöring så gick jag vidare för att testa deras skumrengöring för känslig hy. Normalt sett så känns inte som att “skum” och “känslig hy” går ihop. Men trots namnet, så kan jag säga att den knappt skummar. Världens mildaste skum i såna fall. Eller, den är så pass dålig på att skumma att min pojkvän klagade och sa att han inte gillar den för att den inte skummar haha Och då fick jag förklara att skum är inte alltid likamed = ren. För trots detta så rengör den och lämnar ansiktet mjuk, återfuktat och fräsch.
Texturen beskrivs bäst som en väldigt rinnande och mjölkaktig vätska. Jag har inte testat Glossiers Milky Gelly Cleanser ännu, men kan tänka mig att dessa två är väldigt lika i textur. Skillnanden skulle va att ena skummar lite, och den andra gör det inte. Vi får se, ska nog testas framöver!

Trots att den inte innehåller så många vårdande ingredienser som jag skulle vilja ha, så har den imponerat på mig. Det händer, speciellt nu på sommaren, att jag behöver tvätta ansiktet fler än två gånger under en dag, och med denna ansiktsrengöring har huden lyckats ändå kännas balanserad. Bra att notera: alla rengöringar av L300, med undantag till deras mjölkrengöring (som jag inte frågat om), har ett lågt pH mellan 4.9-5.6. Den enda nackdelen med just denna rengöring är förpackningen. I helhet är vätskan väldigt dryg, och det behövs en väldigt liten mängd för att tvätta ansiktet med. Men förpackningen gör så att man slösar mer än vad man behöver. Det hade varit mycket bättre om den kom i en pumpflaska istället.

Hittills har jag gillat alla rengöringar från L300 och har lite svårt att välja min favorit. L300 har nyligen reformulerat deras Fresh Face gelrengöring och anspassat den mer till fet och problembenägen hy. Lite osäker om jag tänker testa den igen då jag vill och vet att min hud passar bättre med lite mer återfuktande rengöringar. Så åter, jag gillar deras mousse och denna för känslig hy lika mycket och har köpt båda redan två gånger. Skumrengöringen är bra om man tänker resa och vill hälla över till en mindre flaska, då mousse kräver en mousse pump för att fungera. Apoliva säljer faktiskt sin rengöringsmousse i praktisk reseförpackning! – Testat den, den är okej, men föredrar de närande ämnen som L300 erbjuder. Jag har beställt denna igen, men planerar att även testa deras mjölkrengöring i framtiden.

Återköp? Ja! För trots att jag gillar mousse, så är något mer flytande lättare att hälla i en mindre förpackning och ta med på resa.