R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse Review

I’ve been recently using R+Co’s Chiffon Styling Mousse to create more volume to my short hair. I first came across R+Co when I was browsing hair products at NK when I was visiting my mom in Stockholm (very fancy/expensive store). They are usually the ones to stock up a bit rare brands that may be hyped overseas. For example, they were first and the only ones for a very long time to carry the brand Bumble & Bumble in Sweden. At the time, I didn’t know about the hype that surrounded R+Co, they just seemed to have very cool packaging to me, and they included natural ingredients too. So I was naturally drawn to the brand. Then, when Bonnyrebecca briefly mentions the brand in a vlog, I decided to pick up something from them!


R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse

About the Brand

R+Co was created by a trio of top session stylists.
Everything is formulated without parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. They are all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe.

R+Co | Chiffon


As I had just chopped off my long hair for a shorter style, I picked up the Chiffon mousse. At the moment R+Co offer two mousse styling products, the other one named Aircraft (which is a Pomade/Mousse product). In all honesty, I was a bit unsure of which one I should choose. The descriptions of the products leave you a bit unsure… But they seem to have recently picked up on this, as they’ve just added in the description page of the Aircraft mousse: “Great on wavy or curly hair.” I promise you, at the time of my purchase, this was not in there as this would’ve probably altered my first choice. I mainly went with the Chiffon mousse as it was part of the R+Co Exclusive Curly Hair Kit that you can only get via Birchbox.

Nonetheless, I went with the travel size packaging of the Chiffon mousse to test it out. I love that they offer this, as it is quite an expensive brand and you don’t want to spend much on something to then be awfully disappointed. However, I’d say that the price of the travel size products is very expensive too compared to other brands.

R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse Review

Look & Feel

As described by R+Co:

CHIFFON is the perfect lightweight mousse for volume, body, and shine.
Good for: Soft, girly curls on any length of hair.

Another word I like to describe it is Fluff. But Chiffon is definitely a fancier word on a product! It creates quite the airy volume without any crunchy feel. Because I still suffer from hair that gets greasy quick, I’ve stopped completely using conditioner. Actually, I rely on my styling products to do some leave-on conditioning! And this mousse, while light, does feel moisturizing to my ends and locks. But probably not enough for dry hair.

The key ingredients are:

  • Abyssinian Oil that supposed to preserves moisture and protects hair from thermal damage;
  • Silk Amino Acid acts as a moisture binding agent, which strengthens hair, leaving it shiny and smooth;
  • Black Polynesian Volcanic Sand conditions the hair and provides heat and color protection;
  • Styling Polymer, an advanced complex thickens and provides flexible hold.

If you’ve cut your hair in a bob/lob-version like I have, this mousse will amplify the 60’s doll-look. However, it doesn’t really define or give the locks texture as much as I would’ve wanted. I’m suspecting that Aircraft may have been a better choice in that department.

The Chiffon styling mousse can be used with a diffuser to bring the volume up a notch, or let the hair air dry, either alone or braided for more structured effect. And you can easily reactivate the product the next morning with some sprits of water.
Being a mousse, its formula is quite runny and I’ve read of other people pointing this out. I don’t know if this has been fixed? Nonetheless, on their site, they mention that it now comes with a new and improved valve actuator.


One thing I’m always concerned about with hair products is fragrance. Most of the products out there have usually a very strong and overpowering, sometimes spicy, scent. Not to mention that every styling product carries its own unique smell and that you end up with a cocktail of fragrance on your head!
But I gotta say, this mousse surprised me with having a very soft and faint fragrance. Definitely tolerable for my sensitive nose. It basically smells good.

R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse Review

How I style it

I shake the can well, and then usually spray about half the size of a golf ball in my palm. Then I bend my head upside down, working with the ends but never going fully into the roots. It’s best to go light with this products, as too much can end with greasy hair the next day. After that I blow dry with a diffuser or let it plainly air dry; sometimes I twist my hair in sections. After the hair is dry, you can go in and do extra curls with a curling iron. I then end with spritzing some neroli flower water to make my waves come out a little more and because I love that scent!

R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse


Because of the high price on a travel size, and this products sloppy mousse, I’m taking off one star. Otherwise, I do feel like this product does what it says. And I’ve gotten pretty much the same result as the videos on the Chiffon Mousse – very airy with volume. The mild fragrance is always a huge plus for me. I will definitely keep trying out their products as I overall had a positive experience and I like to explore more. Next, I’ll be purchasing Aircraft, hoping it may define my locks a bit more. I’m also very curious about the Analog – Cleansing Foam Conditioner that sounds very interesting and innovative. But also Twister – Curl Primer, that doesn’t have silicones which are rare for a curling product. 

Where To Buy

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R+Co | Chiffon Style Mousse


När jag för några månader beslöt mig för att klippa håret kort så vart jag sugen på att införskaffa mig en hårmousse. Jag kom över märket R+Co när jag var förbi NK i Stockholm. Just då visste jag inte hur hypad märket var, samt fanns den inte att köpa någon annanstans. Istället drogs jag naturligt till den coola och färgglada paketeringen. Att den sen visade sig ha en del naturliga ingredienser vart ett plus!

R+Co har två hårmousse att välja på för tillfället, Chiffon och Aircraft. Då köpet gjordes, kändes det lite svårt att välja, då ingen av dom hade en bra beskrivning på hemsidan deras om till vilken hårtyp/stil dom var till.  Jag gick i alla fall hem med reseflaskan av Chiffon Style Mousse, för att den ingick i ett kit för lockar som bara finns att få tag på Birchbox USA. I efterhand så har R+Co ändrat i sin beskrivning, och lagt till att Aircraft passar bra till vågigt och lockigt hår. Skulle jag ha vetat detta tidigare, så skulle jag nog valt att gå med Aircraft istället.

Jag menar inte att Chiffon inte är till lockigt och vågigt hår! Vilket den är också. Skillnaden är bara att Aircraft är hälften pomade, vilket ger nog mer dimension åt lockar och är mer av vad jag är ute efter.
Som namnet antyder, så ger Chiffon håret extra “fluff”. Mycket av det. Chiffon style mouse förvandlar ditt hår till lite av en 60-tals docka – lätt och luftig volym helt enkelt.

För att vara mousse så är den väldigt flytande, och jag sett andra påpeka detta. Hårprodukter brukar vanligtvis vara ganska starkt parfymerade, något jag alltid ifrågasatt. Nu har jag ifs inte luktat på många av de andra produkterna, men i helhet och just denna produkt, så är doften väldigt mild och god!

Om man vill få till det där väldigt flickiga hårsvallet, så är detta verkligen produkten att vända sig till! Vill man däremot ha lite mer dimension och textur, så får man räkna med att addera en produkt eller två. Jag skulle heller inte säga att denna mousse ger håret någon glans i sig, men den känns ändå ganska återfuktande på normalt hår.

Efter mitt köp så finns R+Co lätt att hitta i diverse webbutiker och hårsalonger.


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