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If it weren’t that I already had the Master Mixer in my beauty drawer and several dupes of the Living Luminizer, I would’ve probably gone with the MOD collection as I’m more fond of subtle makeup. But I like to see the quads as mini samples of where you get to explore five products for slightly below the price of two RMS products! I have also been wanting the Buriti bronzer for ages and thought it was perfect timing to get it now in time for summer. The rest was just a bonus!

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Buriti Bronzer

I have never been a bronzer type of gal, until a few years ago when I picked up a sample of Alima Pure’s Mauna Loa. That experience shifted my focus on what type of cheek shades I should go for and turned my perspective on bronzers for the better. FYII always go for blushes with brown-based rose and peach tones. However, that didn’t end with a huge stash of bronzers. Actually, I’ve been quite lazy at repurchasing the Mauna Loa or finding a similar one. In fact, besides the exciting addition of the Buriti bronzer, the Smashbox L.A. Lights Venice Beach Bronze that I got a few months ago was all that I had! And before that, none! I’ll put a blame on my all-year-round naturally tanned complexion and slim face that don’t need much contouring, for not being more ambitious in that area.

Of all the shades in the quad, I was most excited to try the Buriti bronzer. All the videos I’ve seen on it, it blends in seamlessly and looks gorgeously natural! And it proved to be just as magical in real life too! Now, I lack the proper brush you should have, but fingers work great! It’s easy to blend out and the shade just melts into the skin and it’s barely like you have anything on. I’m a bit concerned though, that it might not work as my face gets darker. But for now, it gives a nice natural sun-kissed glow and I’ve been using it daily!

It’s one of those products that I would wanna own in a full-size pot, and will miss whenever I run out. I’m planning on experimenting more with bronzers and maybe, in the end, I’ll come back to this one!

RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer Magic Luminizer and Lip2cheek in Demure

Wearing: RMS Buriti Bronzer on cheeks and forehead; Magic Luminizer on along the cheekbones and apples, cupid’s bow, nose and under the eyebrow; Lip2Cheek in Demure on the lips; Eye polish in Lucky as eyeshadow. Foundation: BareMinerals BB Primer in Tan mixed together with COOLA Mineral Cucumber Sunscreen; Concealer W3LL People Bio-Correct in Light.

Magic Luminizer

Since the birth of the Living Luminizer, Rose-Marie Swift has carried out several luminizers in different undertones. The Magic Luminizer is described to have a “moonlit champagne opalescence”. It’s warm but more “white” than the Champagne Rosé Luminizer (not tried yet), that’s more like a luminizing blush with its rose undertones.

Though it’s a beautiful highlighter like any other, I did somewhat misunderstood its purpose at first glance and would’ve told you to give it a pass as there’s nothing extraordinary about it compared to the other highlighters. But, the moment of realization came to me when I used the Magic Luminizer on my collar bones. It made them much more prominent than when I use my other luminizers, that it kind of scared me lol. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit here. And though the name of this quad should’ve been a huge hint, I realized then and there that this highlighter is the one you want to reach for when you want more oumph.

It’s kind of hard to sit here and try to describe what makes it different, as it’s ever so slightly noticeable. But the best way to put it is that it has a way of brightening the skin, but yet does blend in and looks natural. It simply puts the S in “strobe”. The other luminizers, like the Master Mixer, is more subtle with more fine shimmer and blends in with your skin tone more.

I personally still would pass on this, as with my complexion and scarred skin, it draws a bit too much attention. Or maybe it’s all just in my head? There’s just something about it that makes me not 100% comfortable with it, and I rather reach for all my other highlighters instead.
I love the look of dewy and luminous, but there’s a fine line when your skin has imperfections. I’ll hold on to my Master Mixer as it gives the most subtle and bronzed glow. But for anyone else searching for a natural highlighter with more strobing effect to it, this one is for you!

Swatches RMS Buriti Bronzer, Magic Luminizer, Master Mixer; Smashbox Hollywood & Highlight; Ere Perez Falling Star Swatches

From left to right: RMS Magic Luminizer, Smashbox Hollywood & Highlight, Ere Perez Falling Star, RMS Master Mixer and RMS Buriti Bronzer. Upper row applied thick, below blended out.

RMS beauty lip2cheek Beloved Pop Collection Swatch

Wearing: Magic Luminizer; Lip2Cheek in Beloved on the lips and cheeks; Eyepolish in Lucky as eyeshadow; W3LL People Bio-Correct Concealer in Light.

Lip2Cheek Demure & Beloved

This quad comes with a bright pink and red to live up to its name. I was somewhat scared at how they’d look on me and was almost sure they’d not work great with my skin tone. And it wasn’t until I did the photoshoot that I actually felt comfortable and realized that they both do not look as bad on me as I imagined. They actually look kind of good?


Demure is said to be a “soft pink rose with a hint of mauve that makes a statement”. This one reminds me a lot of the 60’s pink lip, but much more flattering. The real shade is much brighter than the picture RMS provides at their site and much more pink than the picture on LoveLula. But generally, it falls into one of those pale nude pinks that looks great on blondes but can look a bit too much on brunettes, or even awkward if you have very tanned skin. It’s all my opinion, okay.

However, because of the mauve and warm undertone in this one, it does makes it more universally flattering than other shades in the same spectrum and makes it look great on the cheeks too. Demure looks actually very gorgeous together with a tan or without! I’ve compared it to Vapor’s Aura multi-use blush in Crush that I have a sample of, for context.

The second color, Beloved, is a “true red with a hint of poppy to suit all skin tones”. It’s a bold color that gives a heated flush on the cheeks and acts much like a lip stain on the lips. If Demure is what you put on for a day at the beach, Beloved is what you switch into later for a sunset evening.

Depending on the strength of the application, on the lips, it can look girly to very sophisticated daytime-red. Although it is a universally flattering red, I’m not completely fond of this particular shade on my cheeks. If you’re wearing it both on your lips and cheeks, it can look a bit too dolled up, if you know what I mean. And I feel like Demure gives a more youthful and fresh look, while reds can somewhat make you look older. Again, maybe it’s just me?

RMS beauty lip2cheek Demure and Beloved POP Collection Swatches

Wearing: Magic Luminizer; Lip2Cheek in Demure on the cheeks; A mix of Lip2Cheek in Demure and Beloved on the lips; Eyepolish in Lucky as eyeshadow; W3LL People Bio-Correct Concealer in Light.


I was surprised to find the Lip2Cheek to be so pigmented. The colors are buildable and you can play with the boldness however you like, and they dry matte and doesn’t feel sticky on the cheeks. There are some pictures and swatches on Beloved on the lips that look very vibrant, but to get there you’ll need a lip brush and use a lot of layers, and maybe even some kind of lip primer. However, for the photos, I applied the lipsticks as I think the general public would, with fingers and a semi-light layer.

The staying power is pretty good I would say, however, if you go ultra bold you’ll need to make touch-ups during the day to keep its vibrancy. These are no wear-proof lipsticks by any means, though they dry matte. On the cheeks – it may depend on skin type and shade – these vibrant colors don’t budge much, instead, they start looking more natural on the skin as the day goes by.

My favorite out of these ended up being Demure! I feel like I’ve finally found a Barbie Pink lipstick that’s actually very flattering no matter skin tone. But perhaps my absolute favorite was to blend both Demure and Beloved together, which created the loveliest and most natural lip color of petal pink. It’s that perfect pout-pink lip color some girls are naturally born to have. To get it, you start with a base of Demure and then blend a tiny amount of Beloved over on top until you get the desired flesh-pink. I wish this shade came in a pot! And maybe we could hint for Rose-Marie Swift to make it! :D

rms beauty lip2cheek demure beloved swatch

RMS Beauty lip2cheek swatches: Demure, Demure & Beloved mixed together, Beloved.

Simply Vanilla Lip & Skin Balm

And lastly, which you get in both quads, we have the lip & skin balm. To be honest, it’s my least favorite. Not because it’s simple, and it does somewhat have a purpose as the lip2cheek balms don’t’ really offer much hydration and can be slightly dry to apply if it’s cold. My issue is more on its promise, it’s not a good lip balm overall.

While helping to prep the lips and make the lip2cheek balms become more fluid, it ends up drying my lips out. I don’t know what specific ingredients it may be, but it just vanishes and leaves my lips feeling drier instead of moisturized. And with it being so close to the lipsticks, I’ve already managed to infect it with both reds and pinks, and now it just looks ugly in the quad. Luckily I managed to snap some pictures before abusing it completely. It doesn’t either take heat very well and becomes a mess in warmer temperatures.

So I personally would’ve liked if they added one of their eye polishes instead, as who doesn’t carry a lip balm anyways?

RMS Beauty POP Collection Lip2Cheek Beloved swatch


I love how RMS products don’t feel tacky on the skin, even though it’s a wax/oil based product, all the creams seem to dry matte on the skin, feel natural and stay throughout the day. I was worried about them containing coconut oil, but perhaps not all coconut oils are created equally? At least, I have yet not experienced any problems as long as I wash and exfoliate my skin properly at the end of the day.

You get a great deal with this quad where you get some of their best sellers in a travel-friendly packaging that’s simple but still aesthetically beautiful. The only thing that’s missing is a mirror for those touch-ups on the go. I’m actually wondering, why didn’t RMS think of that?! It would’ve been nice and smart to include one, seeing as cheaper brands are able to offer this in compact products. But nonetheless, I hope RMS continues to release these types of quads, and maybe we’ll see ones with their pressed eyeshadows in the future?

Although the fear of the bold colors, the POP collection has been much reached for and quickly became a favorite of mine. I reach for the Buriti bronzer and Demure more than the others, but overall, I make use of all of them during the week.

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