Crunchy raw granola recipe

Crunchy Raw Buckwheat Granola recipe

I don’t know what’s so fascinating about watching what other people eat, but I can’t say I’m not sometimes curious too! And after watching countless of “What I eat in a day”-videos and realizing that no one diets the same way, some heart warming feedback from you guys requesting me to post more food, recipes and such through my survey, I’ve decided it is time for my own series of  “what I eat in a day”.

Crunchy Raw Buckwheat Granola recipe

I’ve been wanting to expand my media source and start making videos again. The “What I eat In a Day”-videos will be filmed sporadic (I’m aiming for once a month), and I’m hoping to get an honest look into how I eat according to seasons, and maybe we’ll even see some revelations. We’re currently using up the last of our bee pollen and won’t be buying it anymore, not just because it’s our next step into veganism, but because we talked about it and we both confirm that no major health benefits were noticed during the almost two years of consuming it. Therefore we’re either going to save money or spend it on something else equally “nutritious” but that will have a greater impact, I don’t really know.

Though, my thoughts on consuming bee products and the ethical vegan stance on it is very mixed due to I believe that right now bee keepers are necessary. I’m a huge nature channel fan, and I’ve seen all the videos on it, though I can’t tell if it’s just a huge propaganda or really as bad as they make it seem. And to say the least, I don’t mind consuming vomit or any one else’s if it tastes like sugar. But with that said, I’m not a huge honey consumer, it’s actually too sweet and hurts my teeth.

Okay, I’ll leave it with that and just want to add that first of all, it’s kind of impossible to film everything that goes into my mouth. I don’t snack a lot, but sometimes in between shopping and gym-time a few dried figs, fruit or juice will go down my pipe and usually my first thought isn’t to record it. So please take this in to account that while these videos gives you a glimpse, it’s just only that: a glimpse. Now, a tummy-cam would give a more accurate picture lol.

ekologiska strodadlar coconut syrup

So in my first video (watch it here) you will see my brunch smoothie that me and my boyfriend tend to consume everyday since almost two years back. I’ve tried breaking the circle many times, but we both just tend to fall back to the morning smoothie somehow. As a warning, you will be seeing it a lot of times in these kind of videos! But I guess we’re not alone, who else eats the same breakfast day in and day out? I think I see some more hands!

Sometimes we just eat it with chopped bananas/fruit and raisins, but most recently we’ve been sprinkling on some rolled oats or my own homemade crunchy raw granola, which I’m sharing the recipe of!
Though I prefer to make my own so I know exactly what and how much goes into it, whenever we run out and I’m too lazy to make some, we usually will use store bought granola, our favorites are Paulúns Cacao and Raspberry Granola – hate endorsing that man, but that granola is addicting! – but for low fat we often turn to Hemköps own organic ones. It’s simple to make, it’s only the soaking and drying process that takes time, so I always make sure to make a lot of it while I’m at it.

OBS! This recipe takes in that you’ve already soaked and dried your seeds! For more information, the why and how, and tips on a prepared seed mix check out my blog post on it! I’m also sorry for not giving you exact measurements, I usually just go with my eye on this and throw in how much I think feels right…
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Crunchy Raw Buckwheat Granola recipe

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