So here’s my very first video in the “What I Eat”-series that hopefully will continue on and maybe develop into something else :)

Making videos is something I’ve been passionate about – I studied Film Production in High School – but that hasn’t been one of my creative priorities since graduating. And now it’s been so long since I did any editing that I need to refresh! When I graduated high school I had two wishes: become a graphic designer and music video director. None of it really fell through though, but that shouldn’t stop me from making videos in my spare time.

It was originally YouTube that introduced me to both the beauty world and the Raw Food/HCLF vegan community. I remember watching back in 2007 and then in 2012 and kind of thinking, I should start posting too! While I did some vlogs, OOTD and miscellaneous things, my type A-personality took over with the promise that “if I only had a better camera or x or y, I’m worthy to post videos”. And with that attitude I stopped making videos. Then I got a better camera, and nope, it didn’t inspire me to make videos because I always felt like something was missing and not complete to make the videos I want to make. While people uploading videos with their iPhones… Anyone else with this syndrome?

I handle critique better than most, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like being judged. I also have, what I call “speaking dyslexia”. I don’t speak properly in other words, and I apparently make up words that don’t exist… yeah… Being pointed out of this, even though everyone knows what I’m talking about, has made me utterly conscious about speaking free and I rather not talk when it comes to media because I don’t speak “grammatically correct”. It’s silly! And while I can joke about it in person, I’m not keen on humiliating myself or letting how I speak take away the focus of what I want to mediate – which I know would happen on the Internet!

And not to say the least, even after spending three years in English school, mostly reading books and what not on English, I somehow got this Swedish English dialect that I hate (think Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing NY when he says “Mii”). Oh well, maybe with some practice I will almost sound better than PewDiePie… Which should be kind of easy. I know some think it’s cute, but yeah, it’s a personal preference.

However, I personally don’t like to sit through beauty videos that’s over 5 minutes long, listening to someone talk about their favorites (and not listing them in the description box!!!). Sometimes I question how certain YouTubers are as big as they are, because to me they’re boring. Unless it’s for educational purposes, I’m not all ears! So don’t expect me to put out something I don’t even like to watch even if it’s popular!

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I had someone ask me for some fitness and what type of workouts I do, so that will be something I will try to make next.