This is what the night owl has been working on. She even pulled that magic trick doing a 360 degrees of redesigning in the last few hours. Therefore there’s less fixed than what could have, though my artsy graphic designer Goddess in me is proud that I went my own way instead of plagiarizing her idol (hint: starts with Park, ends with Cube). Too many blogs looks the same. I need to be fresh. I need to be changing. I need to invent Blogging 5.0. I’ve been yearning for the next level.

Impossible don’t exist.

It doesn’t look like much right now, but I’ll be taking full advantage of this new freedom that spells plug-ins. I’m very fascinated how much of my envisions hasn’t been a problem so far when it has come to designing. I kind of regret not taking up programming in school when I had the chance. Or maybe my boyfriend just has those magic programming fingers that can turn blank space into content. I’d like too add what more he can do with his fingers but that would just be tmi. Did I just write that?!

Can’t always be perfect.

The perfectionist in me is crying out loud that I should have waited a few months to do a “Grand Re-opening”, where everything is done and working, and my bio wasn’t a depressing blank page. But there’s really no such thing as a small job as Laura Belgray/Talking Shrimp just confirmed in her re-opening post.
I could’ve done the perfect seed launch or a big giveaway as to show my appreciation for coming with me so far. Yes, I could have put all my studying to the test doing it perfect as done by the bloggers marketing books.

But nah. Can’t jump at opportunities, need to make them first.

During the coming months I’ll be doing some nips and tucks. Colors might change, menus can disappear and site might go down. But I’ll try to be as cat like as when Twitter recently moved their writing box to the middle. Like I almost did not notice it. I’ll also probably be as cruel as YouTube by: tweak it, wear it, feel it, get used to it, then remove it. Hopefully though, I’ll be less creepy about it.

Before I leave you to explore all my blank and not done yet-pages, I’d love for you to spare some of your down time answering a few questions. It will at most take you 5 minutes to answer. My hidden agenda is to know you a bit better.

Here’s the link if you missed it in the text:

And thank you for your encouraging comments and for still being with me!

Have a nice weekend.