a roundup of things to do this summer

No, my summer vacation hasn’t started yet, which makes me feel like I have to apologize my recent absence. But how could I without wishing you guys a happy summer?! I should also remind you all of how important it is to have air conditioning as a refuge from the scorching heat. You may want to have a look at Brisbane ducted air conditioning if this is something that you have overlooked!

What happens when I spit out review after review, article after article, is that I after a while feel like a break is needed. Maybe it’s a fancy way of saying I’m out of “things to write about”. But no no, that’s not the case here. The case is, that what I’ve been left with is articles that takes a bit more time and research to make, and well honestly I don’t feel like doing them right now haha Ever had that feeling?

So with the lack of giving you a new review or article, here’s something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue!

Pimp up your camping with Glamping

Sonia makes up a new verb and shares her top 5 beauty essentials when the comfort of a bathroom is lacking.

Glamping: The Top 5 Green Beauty Essentials

Keep your cool with Ayurveda

Summer acne isn’t fun at all, and we all could use a little Pitta reducing tricks in the summer! Here’s an oldie but a goldie on how I managed to have flawless skin last summer.

? Stay Cool This Summer with These 6 Ayurvedic Tips

How Do I start with Green Beauty?

Ashley Rose’s tips on beauty apps got your summer course on Green Beauty covered and helps you make the transition as smooth as possible.

? Must Have Natural Beauty Apps

How come natural products are so expensive?

While on transitioning… Sarita Coren makes you change the way you view products in general and shines a light on the macro nutrients that goes into developing a natural product. Should be read by everyone!

? What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Beauty?

What should I eat?

Summer is the healthiest season of them all for me, but I know it isn’t for everyone. Maybe these books can give you the answer? While I just started reading the first book of A Game of Thrones, I’m also adding the Starch Solution to my summer reads – which perhaps will be added to the list – to never stop learning.

? 7 Healthy Diet Book Reads On Why Should Go Plant-Based

No-Fail Vegan BBQ Recipe

While on changing to clean eating habits, Amy recently shared a recipe on Cherry Smoked BBQ Sauce that will make you a star at dinner this summer!

? Cherry Smoked BBQ Sauce + The Best Sweet Potato Fries

Get Your Boho Look for the Summer!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that little “Shop” button in my menu, or perhaps you’ve missed it… Either way my Etsy store is now open and I will be taking orders the whole summer! So why not upgrade your wardrobe with a handmade top by your favorite green beauty blogger ;)

? Shop Made by Frivolous Girl Etsy Store

My Summer Sucks

If everything sh*ts itself this summer, turn to this guided meditation and regain a new healthy attitude!

? F*ck That – A Guided Meditiation


Love and a Happy Summer to you all!
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