Hey Lovelies and a HUGE thank you!

Not that I promised anything, but I thought it would be fun to go through some of the results, and I also wanted to personally address some of the feedback. I’ve decided to keep the survey up, just because I love to get to know you better, and more frivolous girls are joining in, or are there any frivolous boys out there? Either way, so if you missed it or are new to my blog, here’s your chance to help me know you better and improve the content! You will later also find the link in my About-page. :)


 Frivolous Girl Survey Answers

Average Reader age is 30 or more

I was kind of surprised to see that most of you are in your 30’s. Don’t take this the wrong way, I just always imagined having conversations with someone closer to my age. With that said, I’m really not targeting a certain age with my blog. Nevertheless, it was a fun surprise!

You’re either new or have been following me for over a year

Well, hello there! For everyone who’s new, you can get to know the strange me in the Fall in Love-tag. And don’t think I’m not onto me for not completing “My Story” on my about page, it hurts but I still can’t promise a set date… I haven’t even started on it to be completely honest…

And for everyone who’s followed me over the years, I love you and Thank You <3

Most of you would like to see more food recipes and health related subjects

After seeing people that’s been only 6 months to 1 year on the HCLF lifestyle release an ebook, I feel like I’m the only High Carber who hasn’t come out with a recipe book yet! I won’t lie, the thought has crossed my mind several times, until I actually look down on my food and realize, my meals aren’t that special…

Honestly, my food is boring. It’s not advanced enough to be put on text. It’s not because I mostly eat fruit and salad and you can’t make anything decent with it, you can, I just ate kind of boring before this transition. In the past, a dinner usually would be made of: turkey meatballs and just mustard. I’m not kidding yo. I don’t really aim to be an inventor in the kitchen, I stick to things that are easy and fast to make and most importantly: taste good. A dinner is  usually made up of a salad together with something cooked where I rotate between different starches – that usually ends up being mixed with either curry and pesto or both, because of my pesto-loving boyfriend – or raw like my Blood Orange Salad.

But for you guys I will try to make an effort. Of course I have a few recipes on hand, especially on sauces and dressings to share! And I hope you will like them as much as I do :)

Your main concern is Acne, Sensitive skin and scarring

Oh, just like me! :D Maybe not a huge surprise to learn… But I’m happy we’re in this boat together and hopefully we can learn what works from each other. We’re all unique, so not everything that suits me will help you, but you will at least know what doesn’t work – and that’s a step in the right direction.

It also shows that acne isn’t just a teen problem anymore, but has started to become a problem for many adults over 30. Why this is has many variables, and I’d love to explore them with you.

You have all kinds of body concerns

You manged to check one of everything, so I will do my best to cover every concern from bloating to flexibility. You can count on me!

You’re happy with the consistency of blog posts

I was glad to see that most of you liked the consistency of 1-2 posts per week. I was a bit afraid that you’d want more.

I personally get overwhelmed of blogs that posts more than 2 articles a week. Don’t feel bad if this is you, but hear me out: we all have probably over 50 blogs we follow, and it becomes very overwhelming to find 150 blog posts to scroll through at the end of a week. From my perspective, it’s kind of mean towards other bloggers; if everyone updated about once per week, we’d give everyone time to be read, you know? I just don’t think we need to be competitors by stealing spotlight from each other, but instead give support.

I wish I could be more consistent though, and few of you pointed it out. Usually Wednesdays and Fridays are days you can expect to find me post something new. Extreme cases it’s moved to a Monday to fall into schedule. Specials are reserved for Saturdays. And sometimes I need to prioritize other projects in front of the blog (like blog design or crocheting) and that’s why I’ll be off for a week or two. I only start feeling guilt and stress when it’s been a month since I last posted. But no matter what, I’m always usually quick to answer any comments and such. I just can’t multi-task between my passions, it’s either one whole day of focusing on this or dedicating my attention to that. Oh, now I’ve told you my whole blogging routine, how will I ever surprise you now?

Oh, and am I the only one who’s late with a blog post only because I’m waiting for a sunny day to shoot pictures?

More posts in Swedish Please

One of you asked me to do more posts in Swedish, which I want to give an answer to.
In the past I’ve gone back and forth between blogging in Swedish and in English, and I’ve also played around with split translations. The problem is that many of my posts are usually very long that it takes too much time for me to sit and go through Google Translate’s mistakes so the text sounds half reasonable. I know it would benefit me if I wrote in both languages, but as it looks for now, I will only do specials like the interview with Jenny Jahn of Green Love that was originally in Swedish. I hope you understand :)

Maybe you’re wondering why did I decide to write in English?

Because I want to reach out to more people. Green beauty is a relatively small niche in general, so by writing in a more universal language I’m not only able to reach out to more but connect with more.
And I love the English language (I went to an English middle school), but somehow my accent has gone way off so that’s why I’m still trying to gather courage to speak in my videos!

You don’t really know what you want

Before you start feeling offended, this is a tip for those who also have blog:

This is a general thing, because we never know what we’re missing until we’ve been taken away that thing or exposed to it. I want you, my fellow beauty blogger, to feel encouraged to go against what your readers say that they want from you. And don’t be afraid to write about the things that interests you but doesn’t really go with the theme of your blog. You might be surprised at the support you will get!

A great example is how I asked my readers in my survey what they’d like to see more on the blog, and I put “Spirituality” as a box to check. No one checked it.
Probably because I haven’t exposed you to what exactly I have in mind when it comes to spirituality.
Then I came out with my Healing, Crystals & Angel Cards-post that was totally different from anything I’ve been sharing so far, and it included a great deal of Spiritual focus. What surprised me was the great response I got from that post. First of all I didn’t think you’d read it because it is so long…
But all of you who commented on it said you’d love to see more of this topic, and whether you took the survey or not, it just goes to show that nobody knows what they truly want until they get exposed to it.

I guess that if we’d go back in time to 2005 and let the public do a survey on how the phone of the future should look like, people wouldn’t know that they wanted a bigger phone and to look like a miniscreen with touch buttons until they got exposed to it back in 2007. For all we knew was that we wanted phones to become thinner and smaller. I guess features plays a great part too, but you get the point ;)

Have wonderful weekend darlings and thank you for taking the survey!