Sukin Super Greens Nourishing Chia Seed Oil+

Since the talks about the brand Maya Chia I’ve always wanted to give chia seed oil a try. I also wanted to find an alternative that was both budget friendly and for sensitive skin without a long list of essential oils. I came across the Australian brand Sukin and their new Super Greens line and their chia seed oil fit the description to a T of what I was looking for and more! 


Sukin Super Greens Nourishing Chia Seed Oil+

Sukin | Nourishing Chia Seed Oil+*

£14.95 | 25ml

Sukin’s chia seed oil delivers the beneficial properties of the high omega 3 fatty acids of the seeds together with a nourishing blend of hemp seed, avocado, olive and baobab oil. The oil also includes super green extracts of kale, spirulina, chlorella, and parsley which assists in brightening the complexion and improving the skin’s texture.

The oil is best suited for normal to dry skin types, especially dull. But I’d give it a try as a night oil for oily skin types and people with hormonal acne.

A Miracle Oil?

I’ve eyed Sukin for years, but this is actually my very first product I test from them and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Now, after trying a bunch of different oils in my lifetime I do have a more grounded perspective on them. After testing a bunch, they all just melt into each other, and they start to feel pretty much the same with a few differences in consistency and absorption.

And so, chia seed oil is no “miracle oil”, but still, a very lovely semi-dry oil that leaves your skin soft and slightly dewy before it sinks completely in, not leaving any residue.

I like the innovative ingredient list of combining greens with oils, but I can’t comment on how well that actually affects the skin as I haven’t experienced any dramatic difference in my skin texture and tone. And even if I did, I can’t be 100% sure if it’s the face oil or perhaps any supplements I’ve started taking?

What I can say is that I have been seeing and feeling a positive difference in my body, skin, and hormones since starting to supplement with chia seeds and flax seeds internally. So in a way, I do see chia seeds as little miracle seeds that are essential for women’s health and complexion. Not to mention that my hair has finally starting to come back in thickness!

Sukin Super Greens Nourishing Chia Seed Oil+

My Experience

I’ve used the face oil alone and together with my moisturiser, and either way is a good way. But because my skin tends to be on the more oily side and clog prone, I’ve mostly reserved it for night time only as it does feel slightly heavy on my skin. Still, I really like this oil and could honestly repurchase for next winter season. Haven’t had any problems with the packaging either, the pipette works great!

While this chia seed oil blend doesn’t have any essential oils, which is a huge PLUS, have in mind that it does instead have a natural – what I like to call – “play dough” scent that does linger on after application. But nothing too strong, it’s very similar to how Pai’s Rosehip Oil has a natural smell. The scent may be a hit or a miss with some. I personally like it and don’t mind it, but I can’t really set my finger on what it smells like. My boyfriend uses the oil also and doesn’t mind it, but also kind of likes the scent.

However, the fragrance-free oil does not reflect the rest of the Super Greens products that do unfortunately contain fragrance from essential oils. But if you’re flexible, the Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser and the Facial Recovery Serum seem like interesting additions to try! For those who rather avoid fragrance in their skincare products, Sukin has a line for sensitive skin that’s worth a look.


There’s still only a handful of brands that put chia seed oil in the spotlight of their products. But I find Sukin to be a little unknown gem among the few brands that’s discovered it’s nourishing properties as it doesn’t contain any fragrance or irritants! Sukin’s chia seed oil+ is similar to the ingredients I would put in my smoothie bowl too. You can, of course, buy and try plain chia seed oil for half the price of any, but if you want that little extra nourishment of antioxidants, I’d go with this one!

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