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MRM | Global Greens 100g

A while ago we took a break from the usual bee pollen that we would sprinkle on our smoothies for then bring it back again. We’ve used bee pollen consistently for 2-3 years, and after this little experiment, we had to admit that it didn’t do anything for us. Except for adding a touch of taste. still wanted to boost it with something. After delving into MRM’s products I came across their Global Greens product that’s packed with… Well hell, almost e v e r y t h

However, I still wanted to boost our smoothies with something, something that probably will make a difference. After delving into MRM’s products I came across their Global Greens product that’s packed with… Well hell, almost e v e r y t h i n g you can imagine!

It’s got several different greens and algae, it’s got a berry and fruit blend, it’s got enzymes and probiotics, it’s got a whole list of everything that you’ve ever read that’s possibly good for you! And it’s vegan.

I went with the smaller, 100g, pack just to be cautious as these green powders are typically not great tasting. I used to use the Superfruit Super Booster V1.0 Greens back in the days, that I learned to like the taste of. But because it’s somewhat expensive I stopped purchasing it but I’ve been wanting to add something similar to my diet or to have when traveling.

The taste of MRM’s Global Greens isn’t the best though, it’s very typical green powder taste. However, it is also sweetened with stevia. I wouldn’t drink it plain with water as I did with Superfruit’s super greens version. But it turns out okay in smoothies! We usually go for 1 scoop or less for a smoothie for two, that way it’s only hinted but not overpowering – 2 scoops and it will be all that you taste! Despite the taste, it doesn’t stop us from considering buying the larger size product and continue using it as I do feel it’s a great boost of nutrition… Maybe it’s placebo, but I believe it’s boosted my health in some sort of way. And you can always learn to love the new taste.

Sundesa | Blender Bottle White, 28 oz

The past few years I’ve gone through several different smoothie bottles and never found one that’s perfect in size to hold my Healing Green Smoothie, nor one that has the perfectly wide opening, or one that’s felt safely leak-proof. Okay, so I’ll admit, I’ve been buying pretty cheap shaker bottles. But seriously, how can the construction of a good blender bottle cost more than €2?!

When looking for things to top $40 so I could get 10% off I came across Sundesa blender bottles. I originally couldn’t decide on whether to go for the Sundesa or iHerb merchandise blender bottle. In the end, I decided that I should just go with a proper one for once instead of settling for the cheaper one like always. – I later realized that the iHerb blender bottle is, in fact, a Sundesa blender bottle, but is about half the price! Oh well, the white is so much prettier than having one that says iHerb on it.

The bottle itself is top quality and my absolute favorite so far! It’s BPA and Phthalate free and the mouth is perfectly wide. After a few months use, and several times washed in a dishwasher, I still feel safe to shake it and consider it very leak-proof. But can’t tell how many years it will last; one reviewer had it for 5 years, and that’s all I can wish for! I never thought I’d have any use of the blender ball, but it’s proven to be very useful even for plain green smoothies.

At the time of my purchase iHerb had not gotten in the new vibrant color collection, and you can bet that I’ll be getting one or two more! Can’t decide on which colors though…

The whole Blender Bottle collection can also be purchased on their website, the US here and EU here, every month they offer a new vibrant color on the classic Loop and have ones with motivational words printed on! They come in 2-3 different sizes too!

COOLA mineral cucumber sunscreen spf 30 iherb haul

COOLA Organic | Mineral Cucumber Matte Sunscreen SPF 30

As I and my boyfriend were closing in on our vacation to Fuerteventura I was on the hunt on a natural sunscreen that didn’t leave our faces ghostly white. I’ve been eyeing COOLA sunscreens for years and decided to finally pick up on one of their best sellers!

I’m loving the primer-like consistency, and cream based makeup does apply like a dream with this under. It doesn’t get picked up on camera, however, it doesn’t leave your skin as natural as I personally wanted. Weirdly enough, it made my boyfriend look more ghostly sick than me even though he’s the true white caucasian of us two!

Nonetheless, this one will have to be accompanied with a thin layer of makeup over it to make your face look a bit more natural. Another thing I’m not fond of is the matte finish. I get that it’s a matte sunscreen, but together with the slight white cast it only adds to the sick look. But it’s easily corrected with a dash of highlighter on the right spots to give your face a more multi-dimensional look.

Despite some of its faults, it’s still one of my favorite sunscreens when it comes to consistency and the one I reach for the most, but gosh, I really wish it gave you a more healthy luminous look tbh. Another positive with this one is that unlike other natural sunscreens and moisturizers that tend to not let your skin properly breathe when sweating, this one is perfect for outdoor workouts! It lets my skin feel like skin and lets the sweat out naturally throughout my whole face instead of concentrating it in one place.

However, I’m a bit concerned about how strong the SPF 30 protection is, as it only contains a very tiny amount of Titanium Dioxide (3.2%)  and Zinc Oxide (1.8%) in contrast to comparable products. A very similar product but with tint, like the BareMinerals BB Primer contains 2.6% Titanium dioxide and 6.2% Zinc oxide for the same amount of protection.

I personally will always opt for the one that has more zinc oxide in it. However, if it’s a matter of price and amount of active ingredients, Babo Botanicals offer one with both more zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, with SPF 40, for half the price with equally great reviews like the COOLA sunscreen! So it will be the next sunscreen I’ll be trying when I’ve used up one or two of the sunscreens I already have on hand.

COOLA Mineral Cucumber suncreen spf 30


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