Healing Green Smoothie Recipe

This is an adaptation of Kimberly Snyder’s GGS (Glowing Green Smoothie), that I’ve been making for almost two years. Now, I don’t drink this every morning, but I always make sure to have all the ingredients at hand. It’s an acquired taste if you’re not used to green smoothies, especially if you’re like me, who’s not fond of celery… Well, this is probably the only thing raw celery actually tastes good in! After a few days, you’ll actually quite enjoy this one and even crave it!

Healing Green Smoothie ingredients

Typically I always add a handful of greens in my berry smoothies, but when I decide to go all green, I turn to this recipe. The ingredients Kimberly uses are just spot on that it’s been a challenge for me to make it “my own”, especially when she states you can mix it up with berries and what not. But in all honesty, I don’t think anyone can trademark a smoothie or even the name of it – I bet there’s someone out there that has mixed a pear, apple, banana with greens and celery, and not thinking twice about it ;)

The way I’ve altered the recipe of this famous smoothie is by cutting down the size of proportion to fit most entry-level blenders and added more green color in the form of kiwi that I sometimes replace with pineapple (which makes the smoothie keep it’s lavish green color).
If you’re a beginner/intermediate when it comes to blenders than I guess your blender doesn’t allow you to fit more than about 900-1000ml of content? Well, that was at least my problem in the beginning when trying to make the original recipe of the GGS which has more water, more greens and adapted to fit the jug of a VitaMix. So my recipe is more adapted to an entry-level blender and should give about roughly 2 cups of healing blend that you can then pour into a smoothie cup :)

Why should I drink Green Smoothies?

When I first started out my healthy lifestyle I didn’t like smoothies, and rarely made them. I wanted to chew my food whole. But as time went by, I started being awfully moody, and my body and mind was telling me I wasn’t getting enough variation and nutrients in my diet, which had to do with the fruits and vegetables that is available aren’t fresh and ripen by the sun, but are plucked green and ripen on their way here. Naturally, sun-ripen foods contain more nutrients.
There was a great satisfaction when eating smoothies, my cravings and mood swings stopped, and I finally felt like I was able to fit more variety of foods into my daily meals, and I didn’t have the need to eat so much. Because there’s really just so much one is able to chew…

Some awesome benefits of Green Smoothies:

  • Drinking Green smoothies is an easy way to sneak in your veggies without even realizing it.
  • Green smoothies save you time and are easy and quick to make.
  • Green smoothies are easy to digest which offers easier nutrition absorption. For people who have digestion problems or lost crucial teeth for chewing, Green smoothies are a great way to get more greens for those unable to chew and digest properly. Which reminds me, one of my friends recently had to have some teeth taken out by a Dentist in Manchester so she lived on green smoothies while she was waiting for her new dental prosthetics to be fitted. It is also no secret that a green smoothie is a much healthier alternative to a sugary drink that can cause cavities and tooth decay!
  • Unlike juice that has all its fibers cut out from it, Green Smoothies deliver cleansing properties with the fibers intact which hinder insulin spikes for people that have a sensitivity.
  • Green smoothies taste better than Green Juices and keep you full for much longer.
  • Green smoothies keep you also hydrated with added water content.
  • Green smoothies help with cravings. Usually, cravings are linked to mineral deficiencies, which all can be found in greens.

I actually recommend you to rather do a juice and smoothie cleanse, than just juicing. Juicing draws out toxins, and smoothies with their fibers, helps push the toxins out. So they work great together!

Juices vs. Smoothies: Which One is Better?

Why I don’t drink Green Smoothies everyday

As you may know, too much of a good thing can actually be bad for you.
When I first started drinking Green Smoothies daily I ended up constipated for almost two months, and it took two weeks after I quit drinking it for my body to start flushing out the junk and left me a hell of a flat stomach! Which is ironic, because Green Smoothies, and ingredients like pears, bananas, and celery, are recommended to eat to treat constipation!

While most people will probably feel more bowel movement from drinking green smoothies I still feel I need to point out that it could end up in the other spectrum. And you could say that I got a bit freaked out by my experience…
Constipation may be a detox symptom, but I don’t think you should be feeling it for as long as I did… That’s why I take green smoothies with a pinch of caution. Usually, constipation is linked to high fiber content together with dehydration, but I can assure you that at the time, I was drinking lots, eating 3kg watermelons almost daily, not to mention low fat, and still had a hard time pooping. So for the majority of the start of my raw food journey, I spent being very bloated and feeling heavy. Sorry for the tmi.

Why Am I Constipated After Drinking A Green Smoothie?
Constipation, a sign of detox?

I also want to emphasis on rotating your greens! Too much Kale can mess with your thyroid, and spinach contains Oxalate, which interferes with your body’s ability to absorb calcium, and in some cases even iron and zinc.
This shouldn’t be a worry when eating because it’s quite impossible to chew through the number of greens that’s needed to form a disturbance, but when it comes to smoothies, it’s easier to consume more than what you usually can chew. And speaking about chewing, it’s also good to chew your smoothies! Remember, that most of our digestion happens in the mouth! Chewing your food may relieve you from gases and bloating and bring about a more mindful eating.

 Calcium Absorption and Oxalates
 Optimize Digestion  and Chew Your Way to Better Beauty & Health



A Green Smoothie to start the day off on the right foot or have as a snack.


1 Cup Cold Water
1 Handful Greens (Spinach/Kale/Maché)
2 chalks Celery
1 Apple
1 Pear
1 Ripe Banana
1-2 Kiwis or 1/4 Chunk of Pineapple


Start off with blending the greens and celery with water to a liquid texture.
Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.


  • Parsley
  • Coriander
  • Ginger
  • Lemon Juice