Hey lovelies, I thought I’d give you a follow up on my acne scars progression!
As you might know, summer is a fearful season when it comes to my skin; I usually will get hundred little bumps all over my face that keeps on getting worse and won’t go away until spring and then the whole cycle repeats itself. Last year the summer treated me horribly and I felt like I I’ve tried literally e v e r y t h i n g.

Well, this year I didn’t change much neither in diet or protection, except for going 100% sunscreen-free and focusing more on cooling myself with either a hat or being inside or under the water. It was one of the hottest summers since 2010 so naturally I could only expect disaster. But do you know what? My skin kept on healing!

I did get some small eruptions, which shows, but compared to the usual pimple that will hurt and bug me for over a month until it suddenly erupts without giving me the slightest warning, these came and went quite quickly although leaving a spot behind. Oh lucky me huh?


I’m not an authority, so going sunscreen-less isn’t anything I promote or condemn when suffering from acne, it’s really about personal matter. I just realized that no matter if it’s chemical or natural zinc oxide, when it comes to summer, I can’t have anything heavy on my face or it will talk back in a nasty way.
NOTE: I did use my special day potion with Carrot Seed Oil and Lily Lolo’s concealer (which contains Zinc Oxide) under my eye and solely on deep red spots (like those eruptions). But when trying to use mineral foundation my skin was giving me the evil pimple eye… if you know what I mean.

So, without further ado, the pictures below show the change in my skin since just before the summer until today.
If I look glossy it’s because I’ve oiled myself up so to speak. I usually try doing these pictures in the mornings on “good days”. I know I know, but some decency feels good on the blog.
I also want to mention that since the last two weeks, when it’s been cloudy, I’ve gone back to using the Snail Serum at night to get rid of any remaining “summer bumps”, which it gladly takes care of.
I’m also writing this update because I’m adding something new to the regime! Exciting what?!
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acne progress

Living Libations Dew Dab

Acne Scar Solution?

A new natural serum popped in the mail yesterday, which is probably the most expensive skincare I’ve bought counting the price/ml! But hey, I’m an oil junkie and would happily pay like 55€ for 5ml of Essential Oil if I believed it was potent and of great quality. La Mer has nothing when it comes to natures essential oils!

It’s my first Living Libations product and it’s their little Dew Dab that’s a go-to spot treatment, or from the reviews I’ve read it seems miraculously good for everything! One even claimed it to heal deep scars that she was considering doing laser treatment for! I’ve been contemplating laser treatment for whatever remaining scars that will be left when my skin has completely healed. But I’m hoping to find something natural and powerful to not have to go through any expensive procedures.

I never did get my hands on their Everybody Loves The Sunshine-moisturizer before the summer ended, and even though the ingredients in there seemed just what my scars needed to fade, after learning about fatty acids I felt like a spot treatment/serum would do much better together with my new daily oils.

So enter solution: the Dew Dab. It’s got a powerful scent and a bluish hue to it like Blue Apatite. Blue has been my guide for a few months now so I’m definitely feeling that I’m on the right track, if you believe in signs and all of that. Click To Read The Review

In the meantime, why don’t you share your #1 natural product for acne scars or similar effect?
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