Living Libations Dew Dab Serum

Living Libations has been on top of my priority list of brands to try. LB isn’t the one to play too much with ingredients or try being high techie, instead focuses on quality and purpose. Naturally, your first product would perhaps be one of their Best Skin Ever’s but I thought to jump right in to try one of their most potent serum for blemishes and scarring!

I said I’d come back with a 12 week report, but I felt from the first week of use that it would perhaps be shorter. All in all the 5ml lasted me 6 weeks. I have no doubt that it could have last another 1-2 weeks, but in my case, it didn’t from these reasons I will soon bring up.


Living Libations | Dew Dab


The Dew Dab (not to be confused with the Zippity Dew Dab which contains different ingredients and is made for blemishes only) is described as a go-to spot treatment, whether it’s tiny lines, cuperose, little bumps, scars, discolorations or blemishes the Dew Dab does the works. May be used undiluted or combined with your favorite moisturizer.

What sold me was that it had Immortelle (or its botanical name: Helichrysum Italicum). Ever since I heard about its preserving properties and the acne scarring benefits of this essential oil I knew I had to have it. It’s one of the more expensive EO’s and are usually sold diluted to hold down the price, but I would say that a bottle of pure oil is just fairly costly buying it off at Amazon.

The scent is pretty powerful and lingers on for quite some time, but I like it in that aroma-therapeutic-kind-of-way. It calms me down and sets the mood for evening and rest. But I can also understand if some folks would think it smells awful. I tell you this: after months of experimenting with Neem oil, I’m more than happy to smell other than an onion gone bad. My man agrees that it’s been an upgraded evening-face-smell lately and he can finally snuggle me without discomfort.

What I didn’t like

I did though have some minor issues with the Dew Dab, some apparent and some personal:

  • – Hard to Control The Amount of Drops
    Some EO’s are more viscous than others. This one was definitely the opposite of that! Runny like a nose bleed. Sorry for the image. And I believe it’s the reason why it ran out so fast. As for customer feedback: I’d like the formula to be thicker for more precise outcome. I opted for two drops and would usually get three or more, and getting one was nearly impossible. I felt like I was wasting the product. Maybe I got slow hands or maybe it was just subjective to my product? Either way, 5ml is not much, so loosing one extra drop with every use does a lot.
  • – Made My Eyes Sting
    I know what you are thinking. No, I did not smear it around my eyes or anywhere near! Still it managed to find it’s way close. This made it super important to wash hands afterwards, but as circumstances happens, some part of your hand or fingers touches your skin, and then you rub your eyes for no apparent reason but by reflex and BAM your eyes stings like hell. And it gets worse by more rubbing.
    Why I’m bringing this up is because I’ve played a lot with EO’s this past year and have never had this issue before. The strong smell alone sometimes causes my eyes to sting and tear up after an hour of putting it on. It’s either vicious or very potent.

What I did like

My focus was on acne scarring only, which is around my cheeks and down my neck. It was a bit difficult using it as a spot treatment when trying to treat such a large area of skin. But two drops with some Rosehip oil would usually be enough for my whole face and neck. I wished I would have just diluted a few drops with my moisturizer, maybe it would’ve lasted longer. Note that I only used the Dew Dab in the evenings as a night serum.

I really felt like I was using pure and quality oils picked with care. Within my first week of use, I noticed some purging on my skin, but after my skin adjusted there was only positive change.

  • + Zit Zapper
    After three weeks in I stumbled upon a blog post about zit zappers and was asked if I had any tips for blemish busters. After some thought, I realized that I haven’t had the need to even use one for a while. I concluded that the Dew Dab did a great job in preventing blemishes and their growth while taking care of my acne scarring. You see, to really heal, you need to prevent new scarring and dark spots from forming. And the Dew Dab really made this possible.
  • + Rapid Healing
    I’m actually not 100% sure about this, it could also have been something combined with the Dew Dab or something else working alone. I don’t use a lot of products, but unfortunately, I can’t always tell which ones are working specifically. They all seem to be working in symbiosis with each other and are all very potent and picked for absolute best ability to regenerate scar tissue. Nonetheless, during these six past weeks I’ve noticed new wounds healing faster, but I have been playing with fresh turmeric paste and aloe vera plant for the time being too, so nothing to get too excited for.

It’s hard to tell if it actually did any job at making my acne scars fade any faster. Every month the redness and dark spots get lighter and lighter, and I’m now even comfortable shooting selfies again. It wasn’t like I after 3 weeks started noticing any huge results after I started using the Dew Dab. No, I noticed a difference as usually after 4-5 weeks.

It may have helped some with smoothing out any ice pick-scars, but only time will eventually heal those things.


I am a bit disappointed that it only lasted 6 weeks, to be frank. Even with the 10% discount, I got when I ordered it still makes it a bit too pricy counting price per use.

I really wanted to try this one out for a longer period of time, but I won’t be repurchasing the Dew Dab with the reason that I just don’t know if I will be needing it later to tell you the truth. I still would like to discover more from Living Libations. The Dew Dab really impressed me even if it may not sound like it, I just don’t think it’s worth the money right now.
Next on my list is the SoothSayer Serum, containing precious expensive Sandalwood which is proven effective to stimulate healthy new skin cells. And also their best selling Best Skin ever series.


Depending on what you would like to treat, think of these things before making a purchase:

  • Treating a large area of skin tissue: I would blend about 5-10 drops* into a 30ml oil blend to use at night. This to suit my need of it lasting longer when treating a large area of skin tissue.
  • Spot-treatment: Definitely gets more price worthy when you use it as an occasional spot-treatment, which is possibly what it is originally intended for.
  • Booster: Another great way to use it is, as a booster in a face mask, facial steams or in aromatherapy.
*In aromatherapy the average standard for drops is 20 drops per ml of essential oil. So, for instance, 5ml will give you 100 drops, using 2 drops every day should last you about 7 weeks.

I will at least say this, it’s one of my top three most potent natural products I’ve tested for acne and acne scars. And its uses doesn’t just extend to acne but can also be used in aromatic ways.

INGREDIENTS: Undiluted Essential Oils of Cape Chamomile, Rose Otto, Cypress, Frankincense, Immortelle, and Lavender.

Where to buy
Amazon | Living Libations

Before & After


Six weeks between. Note: during these six weeks I had some emotional stress and wasn’t eating as much fruit/raw as I’d like. Considering these vital components that can greatly affect ones skin, I think the Dew Dab did a great job in preventing stress symptoms appearing  in the face.