Ere Perez Vanilla Highlighter Sun Halo and Falling Star, Lipbar in Nude

One of my favorite makeup brand discovery this year must be Ere Perez. Most, if not all(?) of their products, are vegan and hold good quality around them. Their vanilla highlighter (review here) and lip-2-cheek balm (review here) have become staples in my makeup routine to create a natural glow. For the summer, I couldn’t resist adding a few more products, like the Sun Halo highlighter, to my collection. So here I am guiding you to a one-brand summer glow makeup tutorial. I’m not so much into makeup styles or techniques, so this will be a very simple and one.


Ere Perez Rice BronzerEre Perez Bronzer

Step I

While this look is thought to be on bare skin, it’s okay to even out the skin tone with a tinted moisturizer, concealer, or a light powder like the Ere Perez Correcting Calendula Powder Foundation. By the way, Ere Perez just came out with newly formulated concealers, hope to try soon!

When you’ve done your brows and added concealer to any areas you like, it’s time to bronze with Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Bronzer*. This is a true bronzer with a luminous shine to it, so it’s not suitable for contouring. Instead of going under the cheekbones, you apply it more like a blush; on the cheekbones and lightly on the apples. Rose-Marie Swift has an excellent video on how she applies the bronzer! Apply it with a light hand where the sun would naturally hit your face; swipe it across your forehead, hairline, nose, and chin. A trick is to go across the eyelids like an eyeshadow, creating more depth to the eyes.

To amplify the look, I went with a very very light hand of Ere Perez Clever Carrot cheek & lip balm in ‘Healthy’*. This stuff is so pigmented, and as we’ve already gone with the bronzer, we need to be careful of not overdoing the warmth.
If you have fair to light shade of skin, use Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Blush in ‘My Blush’ instead of the bronzer to make it look more natural. Or alternatively only use the lip & cheek balm in ‘Healthy’ on the cheeks.

Ere perez lip and cheek balm in HealthyEre Perez Vanilla Highlighter Sun Halo and Falling Star

Step II

You should be feeling quite sunkissed by now. So to add the extra glow, we’ll apply the Ere Peres Vanilla Highlighter in ‘Sun Halo’*. It has a gorgeous golden tone and will suit most people. I feel even lighter skin tones can get a use from it, but nonetheless, ‘Falling Star’* is a safer bet.
The usual place to apply highlighter is on top of the cheekbones, under the browbone, down the nose, center of the forehead, chin, and on the cupids bow. However, know your face shape. As I have a quite long and narrow face, I will stick to only applying it to the center of my face; to simplify: I’ll skip the forehead and the chin.

You can add a tiny bit to the corner of your eyes to look more awake. But again, I personally don’t think that’s a look that suits everyone. So instead, I dab a tiny bit on the center of my eyelids, which also gives an awake look, but with the added bonus of making the eyes appear bigger. Or so they say…

Ere Perez Summer Glow Highlighter Lipbar in Nude

Step III

Finishing off with the Ere Perez Rosehip Lipbar in ‘Nude’*, which is infused with Rosehip oil, vitamin E and also has SPF15. It’s a wonderful universal rose-shade that adds a rose tint to your lips. I love it as I naturally have quite pale lips, and it gives them color and some fullness. This shade will suit practically anyone and will probably look different person to person. If you already are blessed with pink lips, I would just go with a swipe of lip balm or go for a more brownish color like the Moisturising Macadamia Lip Colour in ‘Me’. As the lipbar in ‘Nude’ is quite sheer in its intesity. The aim is to keep it natural, embracing the sunkissed skin.

And there you have it! This has been my go-to look now that we’re moving into autumn. You can, of course, add some mascara or brown eyeliner to intensify the look. Simply, make it your own :) Have a glowing autumn xx

The whole makeup line of Ere Perez is easily found at LoveLula!

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ere perez lipbar nude

What’s your favorite makeup product for a post-summer glow?

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