beautiful blogger award

Suzi who runs the blog on cruelty-free beauty, Cruelty Free Kitty, kindly tagged and nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award! Thank you Suzi!
If you don’t know Suzi’s blog, it’s a great place to know which products aren’t tested on animals, she shares FREE lists on cruelty-free companies and regularly keeps in touch with brands to see their status quo on animal-testing – so check out her blog!


So the rule is to share 7 random facts about yourself and then nominate 7 other beauties.

Here’s my 7 Random Facts:

  • I’m a loner by choice, and I’m perfectly content with my best friend – or only friend for that matter – being my boyfriend.
  • Every weekday after my man comes home we eat dinner and watch Dr Phil. It’s the only thing I watch religiously on TV. Actually, that’s the only thing I watch on TV.
  • I used to be fat or chubby, but BMI definitely called it “overweight”, most of my childhood and teenage years.
  • While everyone I knew lost their virginity at age 13-16, I didn’t have my first kiss and virginity lost until I was close to my 20th birthday – and yes, it all was with my current boo (can I get an “awww”?). Just so I don’t sound like some prude, It’s not that I planned it that way… that’s just how many years it took for me to find mutual attraction… or maybe it has to do with me liking older men?
  • I went to an English School between 7th to 9th grade where I went in the same class as one of Sweden’s most successful bloggers. We were pretty close friends in 8th grade until 9th grade when we just naturally grew apart (if you’ve figured out who I’m referring to, then you probably get why).
  • On the first day after graduating from High School, I taught myself how to juggle. I had seen Charlie McDonnell taking up the challenge of learning how to juggle in 3 days, and it’s been something I wanted to learn too. I beat him though, it took me less than a day to learn. But don’t compare yourself to me, it’s not easy, I’m just a very quick learner, and at the time I had nothing else to do lol
  • I’ve always wanted to become a writer, I used to write short stories, poems and I still do some song writing whenever I’m with my keyboard. (You can get some sample taste of my storytelling in Healing, Crystals & Angel Cards)

 Well, that’s probably more than 7 fact about me… Sorry, I just love these tags!

Here’s my 7 Beautiful Bloggers Nominees:

  • Beauty Comes Clean | Mitte combines beauty reviews with interesting research and studies about beauty products.
  • La Vie Est Belle | Mona does beauty reviews on all things green beauty related.
  • TLV Birdie | Oly casts a light on small natural skincare finds and presents it through her unique and woodsy esthetic’s.
  • NatuRia Beauty | Ria does reviews as she makes new discoveries on natural skincare and hoping to help you find products that may be suitable for you along the way.
  • Life in Blush | Sonja mixes a touch of fun GIF’s with her beauty reviews, favorites and make up tutorials.
  • Peroxidefox | Emily post about everything haircare, including tutorials, product reviews, styling tips, and the latest trends. If it’s about hair, it’s here!
  • Dame de Rose | Ashley Rose offers make up looks using natural make up as well as beauty reviews and self growth-articles.


The Rules Are:

  • Display the Award logo on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers
  • Let them know they have been


I hope you guys learned something new about me and found some new beautiful ladies to follow!
Thanks again to Suzi at Cruelty Free Kitty for nominating me! :)