I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas with either friends or family or both.
Mine has been cozy, but nothing special as this year has been very generous overall
and I hope there will be more of it next year.

I set the theme for 2016 to be Purification, with the plan on doing a colon- and parasite cleans.
But boy did that theme expand and manifest into other parts of my life.

In the end I’ll remember this year as the one where I stepped back a bit,
and cleansed myself from some of the new rigid thinking that influenced me just a year or two ago.
And where I for once took help instead of self-diagnosing.

Most of all, I’ve been purified of the things I wanted so much to believe in,
but have on a later note realized that they aren’t really true and lack solid ground for their reasoning.
I’ve done a lot of questioning this year, in other words.

But strangely enough, I feel more balanced than ever before to have some of my values broken down and proven wrong.
It’s like I can breathe again, weight has been lifted off my shoulders, as I no longer believe or care too much.

Because in the end,
everyone’s equally right as they are wrong.
I just don’t want to argue anymore.

So where do I go from here?
As I’ve purified my body, life and mind, there’s nothing else left but to let new things grow.
And therefore my theme for 2017 will be: Prosperity.


I wish you all a Happy New Year, may all that’s been good this year double up for the next and then some! 

Tell me how your year has been and what theme or New Year’s Eve resolutions you have planned for the next year in the comments below!

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