Emma Hardie Amazing Face Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth

Pai Skincare Organic Muslin Face Cloth

Human + Kind Deep Cleansing Cloth

ImseVimse Washable Cleansing Pads

ICA Basic Microfiber Cloth

Cleansing is my favorite beauty ritual. As a second part to my previous post 2 Ways To Use The Oil Cleansing Method, I will highlight face cloths to use with the OCM. I’ve gone through a couple of different ones over the years, and I think I found out what to look in a cloth for best results. Even though I have a favorite, all of these I’ve listed work really well, it’s just a matter of preference, skin type, price and usage.

The benefits of cleansing with a face cloth

Just using a cleanser and your hands may not remove everything. A face cloth not only helps remove stubborn make up rests, but also remaining face wash. Not all, but most cloths offers some kind of gentle exfoliation that will reveal brighter and clearer skin. Face cloths can be a more gentle alternative to other face washing gadgets.
They come in different shapes, forms and materials, so you’re bound to find one that suits you!

How to Care For Your Washing Cloths

I know people who will replace wash cloths everyday or even after every wash, and swears it makes a huge difference. This is probably a very smart move, but don’t feel bad if you’re not one of them. I’m definitely not, I’m of course, more frivolous about it. I replace mine every week or until it gets too spotted, that’s when I put them in the washing machine. I’ve never gotten skin problems from a “dirty cloth”, but this could of course be subjective to the amount of make up/dirt that is taken off with the cloth. For instance, I only use cleansing cloths on fairly clean skin, so it’s in my experience that you can get away with the same cloth more than four times.

I will probably get hate for being so chill about reusing a dirty cloth, but observe: if you start breaking out more than usual since starting washing your face with a cloth, then opt for a new cloth after every use!
I’m sorry for not being clinical…

I follow the washing instructions on the cloth, usually it should be washed in 60°C without fabric softener.

Emma Hardie | Amazing Face Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth

£10 for 3

Amazingly long name, don’t you think? I’ve been using these for the oil cleansing method for over two years. What I love about these is that they have dual sides, one gentle but exfoliating microfiber cloth and one soft muslin side. I guess the muslin side is supposed to act as the more exfoliating part, but comparing it with Pai’s muslin cloth, this one is much less aggressive in my opinion.
The only negative I have on it is that the microfiber side ends being super soft the day you decide to wash it, but it remains being somewhat soft. I don’t know exactly if I’ve done something wrong, but I’ve read about others with the same complaint.

+ Dual Sides
+ Soft

– Loses super softness of microfiber side quickly
– Could be larger in size



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Pai Skincare | Muslin Face Cloth

£3 for 1

Excuse the turmeric stains, I’ve had it just ass long as the Emma Hardie cloths. My old review of it wasn’t really kind, I keep reading amazing reviews on this one, but I just can’t seem to agree, especially when Pai says to “understand sensitive skin”. Even now when my skin is really amazing, this cloth feels like it’s scratching my skin on a microscopic level sometimes. Of course it leaves my skin exfoliated and soft, but I can’t imagine using it daily or around my eyes. And I still wouldn’t recommend it to people with active cystic acne.

But with that said, it does a great job in exfoliating, and is best used on the body with the oil cleansing method #2. I also like that it’s organic and unbleached. The way I use it the most is to help remove face masks as it exfoliates and helps rid off any gunk that may have creeped out of the pores.

EDIT: Since my review, Pai has come out with a softer and dual-faced cloth that’s worth a look.

+ Great body and face exfoliation

– A bit abressive for sensetive/reactive skin

– Too thin to use with the OCM



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Human + Kind | Deep Cleansing Cloth

£5.95 for 2

These are a recent addition to my cloth collection. What’s good about these is also the worst, they are like ridiculously soft. They claim to exfoliate and stimulate circulation, but I have a hard time imagine it when I barely feel them on my face. Okay, I’m maybe exaggerating a bit, but you get point… Because they are so incredibly soft, they aren’t really the option if you’d like to add some exfoliation. On the other hand, these cloths work well with sensitive and acneic skin types, and are great around the eye area!

+ Super soft
+ Holds
steam well

– Maybe too soft?
– Wish they were a bit larger in size




ImseVimse | Washable Cleansing Pads

~€15 for 10

I was looking for something to replace cotton pads with and these came up. These cleansing pads are great when washing with OCM #2. I’ve also had these almost two years, and that’s why they look a bit shady. But they’ve kept their softness and quality.
I wouldn’t go to the extent to say that they are soft enough to use around the eyes, even though I do it, but they are great and will gently exfoliate the face, neck and décolletage. You can find these on Amazon, where you also can find a bit bigger but softer ones – they actually make baby stuff and period pads.

Link Love: Dawn at Minimalist Beauty recently did a post on how to make your own cotton rounds!

+ Replaces cotton pads
+ Gentle exfoliation

– Could be somewhat softer



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ICA Basic Microfiber Cloth

€1 for 2

Microfiber cloths rules my kitchen and window cleaning, and many in the OCM-community swears by microfiber cloths. Problem is that they come in so many different forms and purposes, that it took me some time until I found the right ones to use on the face that were just right. I finally found a pair that works for the face, and they are incredibly cheap! From the bunch, these became my absolute favorites to use together with both of the OCM methods, and as a general face towel. It’s the towel I’m using in my Clarisonic video.
They absorb water quite well, holds the steam for some time without cooling instantly, good size, soft but exfoliating at the same time, and I haven’t had any problems with them losing softness after washing.

OBS! These are sold only Sweden and may be more for my fellow Swedish followers, but there’s several shops on the web selling microfiber cloths for facial purposes!

+ Holds steam well
+ Good size

+ Soft enough to use on the eyes
+ Cheap



Have you every used or are using a cleansing cloth as part of your cleansing routine?
Share your favorite face cloth in the comments below :)