Trilogy Rose hip Oil & The Jojoba Oil Company 100% Jojoba

Since my first encounter with applying coconut oil to my face, I’ve tried many different oils; from Broccoli Seed Oil to Papaya Seed Oil.
But I consider these three my core oils: Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil.

I picked up two new brands of Rosehip oil and Jojoba oil to check if there’s a difference between quality in price.

Trilogy Rose hip Oil & The Jojoba Oil Company 100% Jojoba

This summer me and my boyfriend took a trip to Mall of Scandinavia that’s about 10min away from Stockholm City. Except for checking out The Legend of Tarzan in the new IMAX theater; and having a delicious vegan rice bowl at the restaurant Icha Icha; I found some goodies in a store called Holland & Barrett.

Holland & Barrett is a British health food store, they sell everything from supplements, dried fruits to super food powders. But they also have a pretty impressive beauty section, with brands I’ve only looked over on the internet. In their store you’ll find brands like: Yes To, Alba Botanica, A’kin, Andalou Naturals, Sukin, Trilogy, The Jojoba Company, and a few more. Check their website for more, which I do think ships internationally. But you can imagine my stay being quite long!

While I wanted to take home something from each brand, I ended up picking up the necessities: organic Rosehip oil from Trilogy and some organic Australian Jojoba oil by The Jojoba Oil Company.

The Jojoba Oil Company 100% Jojoba

The Jojoba Oil Company | 100% Natural Australian Jojoba

We’re back to “when my skin was acting out” again… I picked up jojoba oil because it was the first non-fragrant oil I could think of that wasn’t overly expensive, easy to get, and that could work with my skin without being too heavy. The thing with my core oils is that whenever I’ve had some time apart, I forget how nice they are. And now that I’ve reintroduced Jojoba oil back into my routine, I can’t figure out why on earth I stopped using it?!

It’s been a few years since I used Jojoba oil, and it was of the cheap kind – don’t even think it was organic. It was a back and fourth love with it. Searching the internet I realized I wasn’t the only one. I later found out that it may be because of it’s fatty acid composition. But it could also be all due to the quality of the oil. And I guess there’s a lot of bad jojoba oil being sold.

So as I was holding a more inexpensive bottle of jojoba oil I stumbled upon The Jojoba Oil Company’s isle. And I wondered what the difference is in the price tag? Will a more expensive jojoba oil work and feel much better on my skin? I didn’t like the feeling of paying so much for 30ml of jojoba oil, but at least the bottle seemed cute. (Which is probably the reason for the high price)

I don’t know if this Jojoba oil is organic or not, as I can’t find any information about it on their website. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t, or that the quality is bad. The only thing it markets is that it’s Australian golden Jojoba. The one I used to use was from Madagascar.

This is the oil I’ve been using together with Paula’s Choice Calm Redness relief moisturizer. Together they form the perfect amount, feeling and finish on my skin. I only need one small pump!
On its own or together with rosehip oil, it still feels really nourishing, softening and balancing on my skin. But overall Jojoba oil has this ability to make your skin look glowing from within, like those barefaced model shots on Instagram. And it spreads just like a primer on your face, thanks to it actually being a wax and not an oil. Don’t know if it’s the fancy bottle talking and giving me a placebo, but I do feel that the oil is of very high and pure quality.
But am I so convinced that I’d buy another bottle from The Jojoba Oil Company? I’m afraid not.

While it is less expensive on the web, it’s hard finding resellers and the shipping cost just doesn’t make it worth it when living in Sweden. It even gets more expensive than buying it from Holland & Barrett at Mall of Scandinavia. If you live in the UK, US or Australia, it seems to might be worth it and it even sells on Amazon.

Although I won’t be buying Jojoba oil from the Jojoba Oil Company again, I’ve simply re-fallen in love with this oil! And I can’t imagine my skincare routine without it. So I eventually found that sells a generous amount of organic and cold pressed Jojoba Oil (in a less cute bottle). Their shipping rate is reasonable too.
So I will keep the cute little glass bottle, but change the source of jojoba oil. The bottle may be a little heavy and chunky, and not so great when traveling. But the pump works great and gives you this tiny amount that’s just perfect: 1 pumps for when blending with other liquids; 1-2 for when using it alone on the face.

While I don’t regret buying this expensive jojoba oil, I do think I’d get same results from a cheaper and organic one. But I still haven’t figured out what makes a good quality jojoba oil. Origin? Organic? Medium priced? I’ll update you guys if I feel a difference between the’s jojoba oil and this one.
Brands of cheaper alternatives (that’s also organic): Fushi, Aura Cacia, Hobe Labs, Life Flo. (Get $5 off your first order on iHerb by purchasing through the links!)
You can also scorch through Amazon for organic jojoba oil that will give you lots to choose from!

The Jojoba Oil Company do sell more than just pure 100% Jojoba Oil, which also comes in different sizes: 30ml, 80ml, 100ml and 200ml. However, many of their products do contain fragrance of essential oils, many of which can be irritating to the skin. As of right now they do not seem to have a completely fragrance-free line. They have an anti-redness balm, but it’s a total fail, as it contains lavender oil together with peppermint… Except for the pure jojoba oil, the only fragrance-free products are their pure oil blends like: Jojoba oil + Rosehip Oil (don’t see why you can’t blend this yourself, but it’s got a pretty bottle too) and Ultimate Jojoba (more of a body oil, thicker and for drier skin types). Their Antioxidant Hydrating Mist does seem okay for sensitive skin. As well as their Jojoba Lip Balm. As feedback to the company, I’d love to see a completely fragrance-free line of products!
They also do have free worldwide delivery, but on orders over $100 AUD.

Trilogy Rose hip Oil

Trilogy | Organic Rosehip Oil

You all know how much I love Pai Skincare’s Rosehip Fruit & Seed Oil Blend. And if they sold it, I would’ve probably gone with that one instead. However, I always want to try and compare with others, and I’ve heard great things about this specific oil. Even the lady at the counter asked me about it and said it was very popular and a best seller. Not to mention that the price tag is cheaper than my beloved one.

I’ve used an even cheaper rosehip oil than this one, and there’s definitely some quality differences between prices. Though this one is not as good as the Pai rosehip oil, it has definitely got some quality to it and I can see why people love it.

It has that bright orange color, feels light and sinks in fast. My love for rosehip oil is its vitamin A content which acts like a natural retinol and helps even out my skin tone. Some claim the oil to contain vitamin C, while the fruit is rich in it, the oil does not contain it as vitamin C is water soluble. You’ll much likely only find fat soluble vitamins in oil. Whether there may be some vitamin C in the fruit extraction that Pai’s rosehip oil has, I’m unsure. But something is making it slightly better than all the others…

I’ve been using a few drops of this at night with my moisturizer and I like the feeling of it. It doesn’t exfoliate my skin as the Pai rosehip oil does (during the first applications) and isn’t completely as dry. But I wouldn’t totally dismiss the use of this oil. I really don’t want to sound condescending, because it is a lovely, good-quality, potent rosehip oil! I’d buy it again, because I’d rather have rosehip oil in my skincare routine, than none.

I believe I have a case of “I’ve used something better” and so it’s hard for me to be impressed. But if you’ve never used rosehip oil (at least from Pai) then I’m sure you’ll find this really amazing for your skin! I personally alternate between rosehip oil and raspberry seed oil; they are very much a like, except that rosehip oil is drier and has more vitamin A. So if you feel like rosehip oil is making your skin too dry, switch to raspberry seed oil!

Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil is also found at LoveLula. Or find Organic Rosehip Oil on Amazon.

What’s your three core oils that you must have in your skin care routine?
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