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I briefly mentioned that I had purchased the Pure Vegan Magnesium Oxygen capsules in my most recent iHerb Haul. I was planning to do a series of post called “Tools For Detox” while I was doing my colon- and parasite cleanse, and I might keep adding them sporadically. In this post I’ll give you the benefits of Mag 07 and my own experience.


Magnesium Oxygen

First time hearing about Magnesium Oxygen was from reading the Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder, where she recommends it as a gentle boost in cleaning your colon and digestive track. I didn’t take the Mag 07 when trying out the Beauty Detox because I felt it was unnecessary, considering I didn’t suffer from constipation.

However, I changed my mind after doing some research, I realized it may be a good cleanse to do anyway. Even though I’m far from constipated doesn’t mean there’s no acidic stuff stuck in there. I’m also not completely free from gasses and bloating since I started eating cooked again, and I seem to not tolerate certain foods. It could also be a good tool to help flush out harmful organisms and parasites.

What is it & How does Magnesium Oxygen work?

  • Mag O7 has a stool softening effect, which eliminates the digestive tract of unwanted debris.
  • Mag 07 aids the digestive process by slowly releasing beneficial reactive oxygen species (ROS) which helps friendly bacteria utilize nutrients efficiently.
  • Mag 07 Gently cleanse and detoxify your entire digestive tract and relieve bloating, gas and occasional constipation.
  • Mag 07 Promotes intestinal harmony while creating an environment that encourages friendly probiotic growth.
  • Mag 07 works by helping bring more oxygen to your colon and overall body.
  • Mag 07 is not a pure laxative or irritant, but a safe and gentle compound for cleansing.
  • Mag 07 is taken before bed and works at night.

Don’t be fooled by the name, it is not a magnesium supplement. It’s also important to rebuild with Probiotics the morning after. And It’s a great tool when suffering from travelers-constipation. The Mag 07 can also help with skin conditions, as it cleanses and creates a more oxygenated habitat in the colon and gut flora.

It can be good to do a 7 Day colon cleanse regularly or before and during a parasite/detox cleanse.

How do you take it?

  • Mag 07 works during the night, so it’s very comfortable and easy.
  • You start with 1-2 caps before your bedtime with 8-12 oz of water on an empty stomach. Eat your dinner early and don’t forget the water, or you will wake up feeling uneasy and somewhat sick!
  • Everyone is different, you build up your dose until your stool gets a bit loose or diarrhea-like. Then you go down one or two capsules and maintain that for 7-10 days or until desired cleanse has been attained.
  • After that you can take it 2-4 times a week as a healthy flush or when necessary.

OBS! If you haven’t taken Mag 07 in a while, rebuild the dosage again as before to not get any surprises.

Recommended Brands

These three are the best selling and highest rated Mag07 supplement on the market.
Depending on the effect you want, note that one of them are not vegan, and the GHC Oxy-Powder packs a little more punch than the other two.

Pure Vegan Mag07
Aerobic Life Mag 07 (not vegan)
GHC Oxy-Powder

My Own Experience

At one time it was like I couldn’t eat anything without getting sudden gases shortly afterwards. In my mind it felt like maybe something was stuck and was putrefying, and every time I ate something it got activated. After my 7 day cleanse, things got better. Not 100% but it definitely took down some of the bloating and gases I was suffering from. I don’t like to take it too often though as I feels like it destroys my own body’s rhythm. And again, it should often only be taken if you’re suffering from any sort of constipation or bloating. If not, there’s really no need to take it.

I still got mixed feelings about it, but I also feel like this would’ve come in handy when I first switched my diet to a more fiber rich-one and was constipated for practically over a month. Though my body eventually flushed out the crap on its own, it would’ve been nice to not have been feeling crap from the start.

Pure Vegan Magnesium Oxygen Mag 07 iHerb

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