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Naturisimo Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner John Masters Shampoo & Conditioner

Recently Naturisimo started offering amazing discovery boxes for under £10! And when they came out with a box that included samples from both hyped Rahua and John Masters I wasn’t late to jump on that offer!
They are above my budget for hair care, but I’ve always wanted to properly test them to see if the price does really matter when it comes to hair care.

Naturisimo John Masters Shampoo & Conditioner

John Masters

I’ve always wanted to try John Masters and I did have the opportunity to go to an eco-friendly hairdresser who only used John Masters hair care. While the hairdresser needed some more years in training, I was very pleased with the result of John Masters products, even though I did not find them to leave my hair as saloon-soft as usual.

John Masters | Lavender Rosemary Shampoo for Normal Hair


After using the Bentley Organic Lavender shampoo, washing with this one was like a breath of fresh air; my hair felt clean without residue and it didn’t take long for it to air dry.
Though as with most of these shampoos, to get a clean hair you’ll have to opt for 3-4 pumps, which drags down the points for me. It smells kind of funky of Lavender and Rosemary, but not to the point that it’s bothersome, but actually quite uplifting.

While it cleanses well, I can find it leaves my hair a bit on the dry-side and fine, which isn’t good for my curls – leaving me with no definition. While they say they have Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner or the Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor for taking care of curls, I still think it’s a bit strange considering the shampoo is for normal hair. It makes me wonder how drying their shampoo for Oily hair is?

However, I think it’s the best natural shampoo I’ve tried so far when it comes to getting your hair clean without the need of washing it again within 1-2 days! The price is though on the fine line for me. If I didn’t need to use so much product per wash, I’d go for this one in a heartbeat! But then again, it’s one of few natural shampoos I’ve used that actually lets me wash my hair once per week instead of 3-4, so I need to re-evaluate the price per use with this one. It could otherwise serve as a detox shampoo, replacing my beloved Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox Shampoo.


Efter att ha använt Bentley Organic Lavender schampo, så var denna från John Masters som en frisk fläkt att tvätta sig med; mitt hår kändes ren utan rester och det tog inte lång tid för det lufttorka.
Men som med de flesta av dessa schampon, för att få rent hår måste du köra 3-4 pumpar, vilket drar ner poängen för mig. Den luktar lite oavnligt av lavendel och rosmarin, men inte till den grad att det är besvärligt, men faktiskt ganska upplyftande.

Även om det renar väl, kan jag finna att den lämnar mitt hår lite åt det torra, vilket inte är bra för mina lockar. Men känns ändå som det bästa naturliga schampot jag testat hittills! Priset är dock på kanten för mig… Skulle man inte behövt använda så mycket produkt så skulle den hamnat på plussidan. Men återigen, det är en av få naturliga schampon som jag har använt som faktiskt låter mig tvätta mitt hår ca en gång per vecka i stället för 3-4, så jag måste omvärdera priset per användning med detta.

Det kan annars fungera som ett detox schampo, och ersätta min älskade Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox schampo.

Naturisimo John Masters Shampoo & Conditioner

John Masters | Citrus & Neroli Detangler


This is a very light conditioner, and while it makes it easy for my tangle teezer to detangle my hair in the shower, I’m not fully impressed by it as a conditioner alone. But what saves it, giving it four stars, is that it can double as a leave-in conditioner and it works very well as one. It doesn’t weigh my hair down, but leaves the tips of my hair hydrated and healthy looking, more so than the hair milk actually…

Of course, want something more dramatic and conditioning, opt for one of the intensive conditioners above that I just mentioned.

John Masters | Rose & Apricot Hair Milk


I actually don’t know what to rate this product, so I will just rate it “Ok”.
I normally don’t use leave-in conditioners because of my oily hair I just don’t need more weight on it, because I’m all about volume!

But I got to say, this leave-in moisturizer is quite different, it looks thick but goes on milky and feels very light-weight. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t notice a positive difference in my hair. My hair felt rather dry than moisturized, and almost like I’m having some kind of styling product that fails in delivering definition to my curls. Like I don’t know what to say… I did evenly distribute it with my tangle teezer. But I rather like my hair without the hair milk based on the fact that my hair feels a bit stiff and dry. I’m also not fond of rose scents, but this one didn’t smell terrible.

While this didn’t hit the spot for me, I’ve read countless of reviews that have had a better experience with it, I just didn’t feel like it did what it’s supposed to do. Actually, the Citrus & Neroli Detangler did a much better job as a leave-in conditioner than this one!

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John Masters Balsam – Detta är en mycket lätt balsam. Och även om det gör att borsten glider bra i duschen, så är jag inte helt imponerad. Men ändå får den fyra stjärnor då den fungerarar riktigt bra som ett leave-in balsam. Det väger inte ner mitt hår, och lämnar topparna återfuktade

Naturligtvis, vill man ha något mer dramatiskt och återfuktande, så ska man nog gå och välja en av de intensiva balsam.

John Masters Leave-in Balsam – Jag vet faktiskt inte vad jag ska sätta för betyg på denna produkt, så jag kommer bara gradera det som “Ok”. Normalt sätt så använder inte jag leave-in balsam på grund av att mitt hår är så fett.

Men jag måste ändå säga att detta leave-in balsam är helt annorlunda; den ser tjock ut men smörjs in väldigt lätt. Tyvärr så kunde jag inte märka en positiv skillnad i mitt hår. Mitt hår kändes ganska torrt än återfuktad. Men också som om jag hade nån slags stylingprodukt som misslyckas att leverera definition till mina lockar. Så jag vet inte riktigt vad jag ska säga …

Även om denna inte blev en hit för mig, så har jag läst ett dussintals recensioner om folk som verkar älska denna. Jag känner dock inte som att den gjorde det den bör göra. Egentligen så gjorde Citrus & Neroli Detangler ett mycket bättre jobb som en leave-in balsam än denna!

Åhlens | Eleven

Naturisimo John Masters Rose & Apricot Hair Milk


Naturisimo Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner John Masters Shampoo & Conditioner


This may be the Rolls Royce of hair shampoos in the green beauty community(?), but you can correct me if I’m wrong. I believe it’s one of the most expensive hair shampoos you can buy per ml, and I rarely have heard anything bad about it.

The name Rahua, which is pronounced ra-wa according to the brand’s website, is derived from the Ungurahua nut. It’s found in the Amazon Rainforest, which is supposed to be highly effective for repairing dry and damaged hair, resulting in a healthy and lustrous mane. This is their secret and active ingredient in their line of products.
The brand seems do be ultra-luxurious, though note that the Ungurahua nut oil is listed last on the ingredient list. Maybe you don’t need a lot for it to be effective? Yeah, yeah, maybe… But we’ll just take that into consideration when many companies do try to fool us with names like Moroccanoil… Just saying…

Rahua | Classic Shampoo


I will be honest with you, my hair may not have been the best to test this product on. Rahua shampoo and conditioner seems to be more suitable for someone with dry and damaged hair, which after the few last shampoo reviews we’ve learned that I do not have.

So what happens when you’ve got pretty moisturized hair and treat it with pretty moisturizing agents? You’ll pretty much end up with damp and limb hair that takes hours to air dry! I also felt like my hair didn’t get clean, and got greasy within a day.
Adding that I needed at least 4 pumps of product for it to foam and get a thorough cleanse, which feels very wasteful when you consider the pricing on this thing! I guess, if you’re going to charge that amount, please let it be a product where a little goes a long way. This seems to be a continuous problem with natural shampoos that I’m not very fond of.

Nonetheless, while it didn’t impress me much, I could see it be a better match for someone with dry hair that needs some more conditioning. It also seems gentle enough to be used daily. But I feel as if the product is heavily over-priced and doesn’t clean very well. And I personally don’t understand why someone would spend so much money on something that goes down the drain?!

Rahua | Classic Conditioner


At least conditioners tend to last longer, and I rather buy a cheaper shampoo and invest in a better conditioner. The conditioner is kind of buttery and goes on smooth. I don’t have many negative things to say about it quality wise because it does its job, except for something that applies to both products…

It stinks! I hope you believe me when I say it smells exactly like raw cows milk!
Not so fancy anymore, huh? How they managed to do that with a vegan product, I dunno. And before you go, “Hey, how do even know for sure it’s raw cows milk?” Well, my cousins have/had a farm, and I’ve smelled and tasted raw cows milk, it’s very peculiar, I know it when I smell it! I even had my mom sniff this thing – she grew up on it! – and agreeing with me.

The smell that this duo has totally brought down the grade for me. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just sensitive to smell (I don’t even wear perfume). And this smell makes me want to puke… And not only that, the scent sticks to the hair after washing! And you end up with unhappily looking hair that smells bad!

So, I’m not really having a pleasant and luxurious experience when I’m using this shampoo and conditioner, and wouldn’t repurchase it on the sole fact that I think it stinks.
Though the general optimist that I am, I would still consider trying out their Voluminous hair range, which is supposed smell of Lavender and Eucalyptus and seems to be made for oilier hair types.


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What’s your experience with John Masters and Rahua?