R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray and Shampoo and Condtioner Duo

R+Co’s Dallas thickening and volumizing series are made for hair in need of oomph. It refers to Texas, where everything is supposed to be Big.
Though my hair would probably be considered of medium thickness, I’ve always felt it being flat. Since I was a teen, I’ve always asked for more volume at the hairdresser, and always picked up anything that had “volumizing” in the title. And I seem to still do! The bigger, the better is my motto.


R+Co Dallas Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner 3

R+Co | Dallas

R+Co is pretty much a hybrid brand that uses a lot of natural extracts, oils, and plant butter together with science in their formulations. Not the least, their products are SLS-free and most of them are vegan. They do contain silicones though, so if that’s something your hair doesn’t agree with check the ingredient list first!
I’ve been very curious fo their thickening line Dallas and love that they offer all the products in travel size! So that’s what I got and here’s my experience with them. This review is written within about 2-3 months of use. Check my Beauty Routine where all the info about my hair type is listed!

Dallas Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo lathers up easily and nicely and it’s got a nice scent. I wouldn’t say that the shampoo leaves your hair soft, so finishing off with a conditioner is a must. It cleanses nicely, and the hair feels clean. But I do have to get in there about 2-3 times to make it really foam and remove buildup, especially, from dry shampoo. The thickening conditioner is thick and kind of difficult to shake and squeeze out of the bottle. It makes the hair soft but, if I’m being honest, doesn’t feel as transformatively soft as the SachaJuan Ocean Mist conditioner. I do find the duo to add shine and health to my hair but it felt less thick than what I expected.
Update: After trying a bunch of different shampoos and then coming back to this one, I must say that it does a great job in adding more volume to the hair. The conditioner, however, could’ve been better.

Dallas Thickening Spray

This is a blowout spray that reacts with heat to give you more body to your roots, control to your ends, and add shine. You’re supposed to add it to damp hair and then blow-dry section by section. I’m not huge on blow drying my hair that way, it always gets tangled and my arm eventually gets tired. So I’ve mostly been using it together with a diffuser.  I’ve also used it on dry hair to then add some heat with my blowdryer.
I find this product to really work. My hair feels and acts thicker than usual. It doesn’t give you huge volume, but that could be because I’m not really using it right? But it definitely added some oomph that the shampoo and conditioner didn’t give earlier.

R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray


Within the first wash, I wasn’t much impressed by the R+Co Dallas shampoo and conditioner. I kept going with the hopes of it changing my mind, but it never really did. Maybe I’m putting my expectations too high on a hair wash. But either way, I never felt like they gave me that big “Dallas hair” as it promised. My hair did not feel a lot fuller after the wash, nor did it get there with time either. It also didn’t feel any extraordinary after a blow-dry (without added products). To me, it felt like any other hair wash. It’s a good and nourishing one, just doesn’t deliver on its promise. I’m even guessing some of the drugstore shampoos may do a better job even.
If I was to try another shampoo from R+Co it would be Bel Air Smoothing or, their newest addition, Television Perfect Hair.

The only product that did somewhat what it’s supposed to, was the R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray. Which did, in fact, give my hair more body to it. But I can’t say that I felt or saw any huge improvement in the volume department. But I might consider repurchasing it… Maybe… Though it managed to add shine, I also did feel it dry out my hair somewhat. And it’s not surprising, considering alcohol is the first ingredient! However, I also felt my hair feel less oily and could go much longer between hair washes. Overall, I don’t think this is a product suited for daily or regular use. And it’s an unfortunate frequent problem with thickening and volumizing products that I keep coming across.

Recently R+Co came out with another addition to the Dallas-line, Rodeo Star. It’s a thickening lightweight styling foam/mousse that adds lift and body to fine and medium strands. Despite my experience, I’m still looking forward to trying it out in the future and I’ll report back for when I do!

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