SachaJuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo & Conditioner and Dry Shampoo

SachaJuan | Ocean Mist Volume

SachaJuan is a Swedish haircare brand that’s easily accessible over here. Still, it took me a few overseas Instagrammer for me to give them a proper look. During winter sale I picked up their Ocean Mist Volume travel kit, that also included their best selling dry shampoo that’s called “Volume Powder”. But to not confuse anyone, in the US it’s called “Dry Powder”. I was actually pondering between getting this or the Thickening hair kit but decided to go with this one. The ingredients are quite different but are supposed to give pretty much the same results. The Ocean Mist is more “natural”, formulated with Cocamidopropyl Betaine instead of SLES (which I’ve talked about before, isn’t a bad ingredient and shouldn’t be confused with SLS!). With also the addition of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. This duo was inspired by their best selling Ocean Mist salt spray, that I haven’t gotten around to try yet. But there’s a travel kit that includes it instead of the dry shampoo.


SachaJuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo & Conditioner and Volume powder


The Ocean Mist Volume shampoo has a gel-texture that’s easily worked into the hair. Unless you have really dirty scalp from other products and dry shampoo, it foams pretty quickly and cleanses your hair. I always wash and rinse my hair twice. Right after the hair feels a bit squeaky clean so conditioner is a must. The scent is unisex, but more like a cheap aftershave. Nothing I personally like. It stays in the hair for a few hours after washing and drying, but nothing too overpowering. Only on the verge.


This is a light-weight conditioner that’s more of a liquid cream. It’s fairly easy to get it out of the bottle, unlike a lot of thick conditioners. Unsure how SachaJuan’s other conditioners are like, but its thinner viscosity is much appreciated in this one. It’s easy to rinse out and leaves your hair feeling soft. As well as you can work it up to your roots without your hair feeling greasy or flat afterward.

Volume Powder

Comes in an air can with a ball that gets really loud when you shake it (unsure if the full size has the ball). But what comes out is well worth the loud noise! It’s really no different than Batiste or any other dry shampoo. The formula for dry shampoo is quite the same in every one of them. But I like how the scent in this one is pretty mild. I can actually live with it. Because yeah, other than being sensitive to noise I’m also very sensitive to smell. This one is the original with white powder. It does make my hair look a bit ashy, but there’s a dark tinted version for us brunettes!

SachaJuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo & Conditioner and Volume powder


The name and the deep blue hue of this hair set make you think you’ll come out of the shower with gorgeous mermaid hair. But that isn’t really the case. It’s supposed to be a volumizing formula that should give beachy texture to your hair. But nothing about my hair, when it has dried (naturally or not), screams of beachy-worthy bounce. I find it to be like any other shampoo and conditioner for normal hair. There’s no texture or definition to be found unless you use a styling product. And while you still can feel the softness in your hair from the conditioner, the hair doesn’t look that moisturized. For my hair personally, I find that I need to put some extra leave-in for my hair to be as shiny and soft as I like.

The only product that delivered according to my expectations was the volume powder. But it’s also quite hard to fail on that one. It’s too bad about the shampoo and conditioner. Because I really love the aesthetics, but it’s just not doing what I want it to do with my hair. Maybe I expect too much of a cleansing duo? But my disappointment affected me to the point that I don’t even feel bothered to try their other hair washes. But we’ll see. I’m not giving up on the brand, and I do like their dry volume powder.


What I like about SachaJuan is their relatively low prices compared to similar high-end hair care. Not to mention their availability. And if you fall in love with any of their shampoos and conditioners they are available in a 1L bottle with a pump. They also look good on your bathroom shelf lol.
I did like the Ocean Mist Volume conditioner, but it wasn’t transformative enough for me to repurchase. At least not yet. I might go back to it when I’ve experimented with other brands more. Because I did like how weightless, yet softening it is. Usually, conditioners are the last thing to be used up. But in this case, I’ve gone through it more than the shampoo!

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