Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement Review Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement Review

There’s no cream out there that will magically make your acne go away. They can help, but we all know that Real Acne is best treated from the inside; that means diet and sometimes supplements… After REN ClearCalm 3 put my skin through hell I felt less inclined to try treating my acne from the outside. I’m against drugs of all kinds, even vitamin supplements, but being desperate I turn to the enemy.

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The Product

This is an A-vitamin based supplement, much like Roaccutan/Accutan, and has also all the other vitamins and minerals that’s good for your skin. You will also probably notice better quality in hair and nails while taking this.
One serving is two tablets which you are recommended to take twice a day. It’s best you go and look at the ingredients list before you read the rest of what I’m going to write so you’ll understand. It’s a bit pricey (about 30-50£), and one bottle will last you 30 days if you take the recommended servings.

The Problem

I’m no expert. But most of the information available point on the dangers of taking high dosage of vitamin A for long periods of time. Because it’s a fat soluble vitamin it gets stored and processed by your liver. Taking a high dosage of vitamin A can just like Accutane lead to liver damage in the long run. So you should be careful with alcohol and other things that puts a load on your liver.
I got very worried after reading reviews of people taking this years after years, and just because it’s a vitamin supplement doesn’t mean the servings are safe. It just feels ignorant.

My Regime

I started off with four pills a day. But after little more than a week I didn’t feel well, I was constantly tired, don’t know if it were the pills or just the condition I was in but as soon as I switched to two pills a day I felt much better instantly! And that’s how I kept on. After a month I tried taking the full dosage again, but ended with the same result.


Did it do anything for me?
Yes and no. It did nothing more than what an average multivitamin supplement would do. It did help in the way that by not taking it my skin would get worse, but it didn’t cure anything, it only somewhat regulated it. But no, no huge improvements like other reviewers has seen, not even after a week or two months of use.

Would I buy again?
No, not for the price of 30£ or more. After looking more into it there’s cheaper brands with almost the identical ingredients.

Would I recommend it?
Even if I won’t keep buying these I would still recommend them, but that you use them with caution and after taking the full dosage (if you can handle it) for a few months, go down to two pills just to let you liver breathe and RESEARCH. Always, always RESEARCH and go with you gut feeling. I wasn’t ok with overdosing on vitamin A.

But I also want to point out that before you go on any pills, especially A-vitamin based, try a dairy-free diet and maybe after that try adding a gluten-free diet. Also, I did notice that a Zink/Magnesium/E-vitamin supplement twice daily was even more effective than this. I will though try my last supplement, it will be the popular B5/Pantothenic Acid which I won’t write a review about until summer. I’ve also done some changes in my diet, no extreme, but I will follow you up on that in the future!

*This review wasn’t probably that helpful for I didn’t take it as it was recommended. But if you’ve taken this supplement or similar, please don’t be shy to share your experience, or if you’ve found something that works better!

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