Lily Lolo Concealer Caramel

I got the lovely suggestion to test Lily Lolo’s powder concealer by my follower Jenny.
I haven’t tried a thing from the brand yet but been planning to buy a few makeup samples for my next natural makeup brand to try out.

Lily Lolo recently did a rebranding of their design and I must give it to them, it looks so exclusive and elegant than the past that I was actually willing to give them a try. – I ashamedly judge books by their cover!
With their new design they also came out with a new set of sleek looking brushes.

Lily Lolo only offers samples on their bigger products and after having some bad luck with past concealers, I was a bit on the fence ordering a full size.
After going through their Shade Guide and looking for the complementary concealer to the foundation shades I would’ve gone with, it was really no doubt about Caramel. I’m sure Nude would suit as well, but I really didn’t need another concealer being slightly too light on me again and with summer on its way there’s really no stress of it being too dark.
With that I also decided to invest in a proper concealer and eyeshadow brush that I’ve been missing.



It contains Kaolin.
Which you usually use in mud masks for healing and detoxing properties and hair products to absorb and control excess oil. My eyelids being very moist and on the oily side I hoped this would fix my problem with eyeshadows not sticking.
Also, what I missed with the Tikei concealer was Zink Oxide, even though powder SPF isn’t something to lean on, I feel safer knowing that there’s something around my eyes with full spectrum, reflecting and preventing aging around that delicate area.

The color Caramel was such a successful match to my light to slightly more medium complexion that I could even use it to fade down any dark spots that stands out! It won’t however cover them completely.
You get a great amount and a natural look for the price!

+ –
I’m so content with this product that I actually don’t have much bad to say about it!
Some pointer would be to say that it can be a bit hard to wash off completely without using a moist pad and some oil. But in general, long lasting is considered a plus.
Unfortunetly, my lids are just too oily, but after one stroke, wipe and another it usually stays in place.
I haven’t experienced much creasing in fine lines, but would still recommend someone more mature to look for liquid concealers.

 Lily Lolo Concealer Brush


I once bought a concealer brush but it was for liquids and didn’t work as well as my finger.
The Lily Lolo concealer brush is vegan friendly, teddy-soft and should work with both powder and liquid concealers.
I believe that no matter what product you use, without the right brush it won’t give the best result.

After getting used to using Tikei’s fluffy shading brush for applying concealer, we can just say it took a few uses until I completely and utterly fell in love with this flat tapered brush!
It blends the powder concealer into your skin just like a liquid, giving you a flawless second-skin-look.
I haven’t used it with a liquid yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if it left the same result.
It works well with other concealers too like the one from Alima Pure.

I’ve used it for over 6 months and none of the brushes has shed, nontheless the concealer brush that I use the most. The quality is impeccable. Nor have I experienced any looseness of the holder, or decline of the softness.

I know I have no real preference to other concealer brushes, but for the decent price, quality and result of the brush, this is the Brush to have for concealers!

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Brush


I feel like the odd one who’s never had a proper eyeshadow brush… When I got the eyeshadow samples from Tikei I panicked because I didn’t really have a brush that suited for loose eyeshadows. All my life it’s been pressed and finger friendly.

It’s definitely easier to work with the loose eyeshadows now, creating a finish all over-lid.
The brush is supposed to work with both pressed and loose, and I can confirm it.

This brush contains the same excellent quality as the concealer brush: no shedding, soft and easy to work with.

There’s still just something with the brush that doesn’t make me want to brag about it. Can an eyeshadow brush impress one?
However, my experience with brushes like these isn’t that wide to begin with.
For the price and quality, it works.

You can buy Lily Lolo and samples at their offical store.