iHerb Aura Cacia | Grapeseed Oil & Organic Jojoba Oil

Aura Cacia | Grapeseed Oil & Organic Jojoba Oil


I mainly ordered these two as I’m planning on making my own body/suntan oil, plus to restock on my favorite face oil, jojoba. Last time, I bought organic jojoba oil from NOW Foods, but I didn’t like the cap. Having ordered grape seed oil from Aura Cacia before, I knew their cap on the bottles are much better and leak-proof.

The grapeseed oil is lovely, however, the jojoba oil made me a bit disappointed in Aura Cacia. I’ve tried a few different brands of jojoba oil and all of them are quite similar. But this organic jojoba oil from Aura Cacia has a strong burnt scent like they roasted the seeds or something. It’s not a smell you want to put on your face, and definitely not neutral enough to be put on the body without walking around like a roast lol

Jojoba oil, because actually being a wax, is much stable and can last up to 5 years without getting spoiled if kept in right conditions. So how they managed to ruin a batch, I don’t know. It doesn’t either say anywhere on the bottle or their website if it’s cold pressed, only that it’s organic – OBS! It actually doesn’t say cold pressed on any of their oils, except their castor oil.
The country of origin on the organic oil is Germany, versus United States if you buy the non-organic version. I believe I’ve once bought the non-organic jojoba oil and it did not have any smell to it.

I’ve also repurchased Aura Cacia’s Tamanu oil in the past, and overall I’ve been happy with the brand. But knowing more about oils nowadays, I’ll save these kinds of oils for body products only. The NOW Foods oils aren’t really any better, and I’ll be sure to look for both cold-pressed and organic more vigilantly in the future when purchasing oils for the face.


Monoi Tiare Tahiti | Vanilla

This is my absolute favorite body oil! It smells divine, and one of the secret ingredients I put in my tanning oil. It doesn’t seem to have natural added fragrance, but I just love the scent so much! It makes me smell like a cookie and for some reason, it doesn’t clog my decolletage as some other oils coconut based oils do. Just leaves it hydrated and smooth.

I haven’t dared to test out any of the other fragrances as I feel vanilla is so me. But maybe now that I have a whole new batch I may be adventurous and try at least the Plumeria or Sandalwood in my next iHerb order.


iHerb Monoi Tiare Tahiti | Vanilla

iHerb Hurraw! | Chai Spice Lip Balm

Hurraw! | Chai Spice Lip Balm

Another favorite is the Hurraw! lip balms. I personally think they have the best consistency of all natural lip balms that I’ve tried and they’re vegan! It’s really hard finding lip products without beeswax! However, they are quite pricey. At least here in Sweden, and depending on the dollar value. Wish they came in a discounted multi-pack.
I went with the scent Chai Spice because I love me a cup of chai latte, but this did not smell as sweet as the cups you get at Wayne’s. So I’ll go with something more neutral next time. Still, it’s loved by both me and my boyfriend!


MRM | Global Greens

While it doesn’t have the greatest taste, we went and repurchased the bigger size of this green powder. One look at the ingredient list and it’s hard questioning why we shouldn’t get it? Compared to other green powder brands, I feel like you get more punch for your buck with MRM’s global greens. Maybe it’s too many things? But after taking it for a couple of months and stopping, I do feel like it has helped a lot with digestion and overall vitality. And we’ll reorder it for a while until we find something else to try.


 iHerb MRM Global Greens


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