Dermaceutic REgen Ceutic and K Ceutic review

Dermaceutic is a French cosmeceutical brand that offers products that optimize, prepares and repairs skin, as well as, extend results after aesthetic treatments like chemical peels, laser, and fillers.
After hearing lots of talks about this brand, namely their K Ceutic cream, I decided to give it a go for my recent micro-needling treatments.


Dermaceutic K Ceutic post-treatment cream review

K Ceutic

Active ingredients: Shea butter 5%, K Complex 4%, Vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera + SPF 50

I don’t think any other cream has gotten talked about as much as the K Ceutic cream between the Swedish beauty-Instagrammers. You know when something gets repeated seven times, it gets stuck on the brain.
So when I was about to get some micro-needling treatments done, I decided to give this a shot.

This is a highly nourishing cream, recommend being used after peels, laser treatment or surgery. Can also be used by very dry or damaged skin and to tone down redness.
Designed to repair (glycoprotein and hyaluronic acid), moisturize (shea butter), protect (vitamin E and SPF 50), and soothe (K Complex). It also has complete sun protection of SPF 50 (UVA/UVB).

K Ceutic contains 4% “K Complex”, hence the name. The description only says that the K Complex features soothing agents to combat inflammation, but not what these “soothing agents” exactly are in the ingredient list.
The cream comes slightly tinted, has a quite viscous texture at first but that glides on smoothly as you warm it up and massage it in. It vanishes completely leaving no white cast and the skin looking radiant.


I started using K Ceutic the day after my treatments and 2 weeks forward until my skin didn’t feel the need for such a heavy cream.
The first three nights I even slept in it, because the Regen Ceutic wasn’t moisturizing enough (more about it later).
Make no mistake, this is a heavy cream that both sinks in and stays on top. Unless you have very dry and damaged skin barrier, this will feel sticky on the skin. Oily skin types might even find it pore-clogging. Especially if taking the recommended amount (1/4 tsp) for the full SPF.
But this quality is also what makes it a great post-procedure cream! On day two and three, when the skin becomes abnormally dry, I had to only reapply it once before bedtime. With other creams though, I’ve had to reapply four to even five times during the day to get any sort of comfort!

The dryness and peeling take a week to fade. I used it an additional week as it has good sun protection and the skin hasn’t really repaired fully yet.
When my skin had rebalanced and healed completely (1 month after treatment), I tried using it to see how it felt. But it was all too heavy for me. The comfort it had on my treated skin was turning into discomfort on my, now, healthy skin.
Unless I suffer from very dry and/or traumatized skin, I wouldn’t necessarily reach for it beyond those skin conditions.

Counting for what it is and what it does, the only drawback is its texture. Although it gets more spreadable as you massage it. In the beginning, it does feel quite pasty and you really have to take your time working it in. For something that costs +€50, I’m expecting a much nicer and spreadable texture than this. And you really don’t want to tug too much at your skin in a vulnerable state.


Either way, I truly enjoyed this cream to use post-microneedling and chemical peels. The fact that it has built-in high SPF is a really nice feature. Even though the thought and feeling of sleeping in sunscreen aren’t the best, it’s still a convenience. As you will be layering this product throughout the day during those first few days after treatment.

The tube has lasted me two treatments, about 5-6 weeks of use, and I still got a little left. But not enough to last me through a third session.
I’ve tried searching for other recovery creams to use post-procedure, but this one still comes at the top. But it’s mostly because of its price actually.
Taking away that it has SPF, there are creams better and more nourishing than this, but it comes at a higher cost.
Something I don’t understand with the K Ceutic is the lack of ceramides and other natural moisturizing factors. Ceramides are widely used in many other recovery creams, so why not this one?

Still, this cream does work. And I can see myself repurchasing it for future aesthetic treatments. But am I as in love with it as everyone else? No, not really, as I don’t truly have the skin type for it.

Dermaceutic Regen Ceutic Skin REcovery Cream

Regen Ceutic

Active ingredients: 3% Peptide complex, 3% Hyaluronic Acid, Stabilized vitamin C and E + Shea Butter

Described as an anti-aging day and night cream for daily use, the Regen Ceutic is also touted as a recovery cream. Especially good for post-procedures, just like the K Ceutic. The active formula is supposed to boost the skin’s recovery and provide “optimal moisturizing, soothing, firming and superior skin comfort”.

I threw this in as I wanted a second moisturizer that didn’t have sunscreen. While you can sleep in the K Ceutic, out of habit and because it’s tinted, I felt weird about it. I considered getting the Terproline face cream from Synchroline again that I’ve used in some of my past procedures. But I wanted to try something new and discover more from Dermaceutic. I liked that it exclusively said “restoration of post-aesthetic treatments” in the description and trusted it can be used as it.
Now, this is quite an expensive cream in my opinion, and I had high hopes for it. After having 6 micro-needling sessions as well as almost equally many chemical peels, I’ve learned what makes a good post-treatment cream.


While the K Ceutic is definitely a hardcore recovery cream suitable for extremely dry or damaged skin, the Regen Ceutic feels far from being a true post-procedure moisturizer.
Considering the price and my expectations, this got me tremendously disappointed with the brand. This cream delivers far from the hydration that’s needed, not even layered!
What makes K Ceutic great after aesthetic treatments like micro-needling are that it both sinks in and stays on top, hydrating the top surface. The Regen Ceutic on the other hand, on treated skin, vanishes like a serum! Whatever amount of shea butter they put in, it’s not enough.
I just don’t understand how on earth you can label this for post-procedure?!

I ended up using it underneath the K Ceutic as a serum. And I also depended more on the K Ceutic for comfort, as to not run out of Regen Ceutic too fast.
Taking a step back. In a sense, this moisturizer has great ingredients. And if you take out the fact about it being good for post-aesthetic treatments, I would say that it could possibly be a good barrier repairing cream with anti-aging benefits. But I don’t find it nourishing enough for what it’s recommended to.

After my skin had healed I used it as a regular day and night moisturizer, but overall it fails to give me a good impression. I do not find it even comforting on my normal skin, and would usually mix it with my L300 Night Cream with Ceramides.
For the price, I’d expect a more elegant formula, and this moisturizer makes my skin feel and look matte and tired. K ceutic, that’s slightly cheaper, did a much better job, has a nicer texture and makes the skin at least look healthy.

Let’s also talk about the 3% Hyaluronic Acid. Most data suggest that HA works best at a maximum of 2% and that anything higher can actually have a reverse effect, drying the skin out. Whether this cream works or doesn’t, there’s really no reason to have 3% HA. And worst so, implying it as a good thing for the consumer. (By writing 3% on the bottle, it kind of suggest that more is better.)
Another thing I find baffling to not find in a skin recovery cream is ceramides! Again, for the price and what it says to be good for, I expect it to contain something simple as ceramides!


I think it’s funny how 100% of the women in Dermacautics In vivo study would like to repurchase the Regen Ceutic. Sorry, but I would not use this again. Not post-treatment, nor as a regular moisturizer.
It makes me sort of skeptic to test out their other products. As I generally and honestly found both creams to not have the greatest finish/feel on the skin. Still, I’m not going to give up on the brand. I’ve been eying their tinted sunscreen as well as their Derma Lift 5.0 serum which I’m planning on trying out in the near future. If those experiences turn out bad, then I’ll just have to give Dermaceutics a pass for me.

Have you tried Dermaceutics?
Tell me your thoughts or questions in the comments below!