TEK wooden brushes and combs - 5 Reasons You Should Switch To A Wooden Hairbrush

When it comes to hairbrushes, I’ve tried most of them. From the more expensive Mason Pearson to a cheap plastic one with wavy rainbowed bristles. And my advice, a pricey hairbrush won’t do a better job than a cheap plastic one. And literally, ALL are difficult to properly clean! But when it comes to quality, gentleness and considering environmental friendliness, wood just wins.
Ever since I bought my first wooden brush from iHerb, it’s been my go-to brush. After that, I’ve built a collection of the Italian brand TEK, that has the softest bristles and cushion I’ve ever come across.

TEK wooden hairbrushes and comb

Here are five reasons on why you should switch to a wooden bristle brush

  1. Stimulation – Wooden bristles are great to gently massage the scalp and move the natural oils through the hair, as well as absorbing some of that oil. The semi-hard and wide bristles aid blood circulation and conditions the hair cuticles for healthier hair and hair growth.
  2. No Static – Though this also depends on the cushion, wooden brushes are overall less likely to create static in your hair when you comb through.
  3. Less Breakage – The bristles on wooden brushes are usually wide which makes them less likely to break while combing, a great reassurance if you’ve got thick hair!
  4. Sustainable – Wooden brushes, especially made from bamboo and cushion made with organic rubber, is a sustainable and biodegradable source that has a low impact on the environment.
  5. No Allergies – Wooden brushes are hypoallergenic and less likely to cause an itchy scalp.

The only con I’ve experienced so far with wooden brushes is that some don’t tolerate water very well and will easily become dry and chipped. Opt for brushes and combs that are coated and never wash with warm water, and it will last you a long time! But as soon as you see a pin being chipped, buy a new one! Or you’ll keep breaking your hair instead.

My Experience

I own a large bamboo brush from Bass and both a medium and travel/baby brush from TEK, as well as two wooden combs.
Bass has a slightly hard and stiff cushion and the pins are somewhat slim. The cushioning on the TEK is super soft and flexible and with wider bristles, which makes it feel much nicer on the scalp. TEK also offers two sizes on the wooden pins, so if you have thick hair or want a brush for the head massage, go with the long pins. Not to mention that TEK brushes come in a variety of colors and different types of wood! However, I’d recommend avoiding getting the natural wood (like the ones in the picture) as they are terribly sensitive to water. Go for painted/colored or lacquered ones to ensure your brush won’t get chipped and ruined.

Caring Instructions

When it comes to taking care of wooden brushes, I’d say, they aren’t the worst to clean, but not always the easiest. The colored wooden brushes from TEK come with a white cushion which gets dirty fast. But the super soft cushion makes it easy to grab hair strands with a comb. It’s just the dust that clings around the pins that are the hardest to clean on any brush. And always be careful to not get water in the cushion hole. What’s great with the Bass bamboo brush is that it doesn’t have a hole. Instead, its located at the top of the brush in the wood, which makes it harder for water to get inside and under.
Bass brushes come lacquered and have tolerated water very well, never had any issues with it. I also like the price point, and it’s a very good alternative if you can’t get your hands on a TEK hairbrush.

Share in the comments, what are your go-to hairbrush?
Have you tried wooden hairbrushes?

TEK wooden hairbrush