Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue

Three years ago I read about someone, instead of doing actual New Year’s resolutions, they set a theme for each year. The theme, very much like a core desired feeling, could be Love, Abundance and so forth. I fell in love with this way of thinking, because we are not driven so much by accomplishing the goals as to how we want the accomplishment to feel. We’re chasing a feeling. Want to lose 5 pounds? Then the theme could be something like Health or Confidence – the feeling you’re expecting to feel when you’ve lost the weight.

We’ll never reach our goals unless we feel like them now.

My first year of starting this I went for Ambition: I ended up into raw foods and suddenly doors were opening, and at the end, I felt I knew what I wanted to do and keep doing. I felt very much ambitious and passionate that year. 2014 was named with the title “Believe & Imagine”, not really what you could call a core desired feeling, but more of a reminder of going forth with my ambitions.

For this year I turned to my oracle cards for guidance and pull out the cards: “Believe In Yourself” and “Explore”. Much like last year, the angels are trying to tell me to keep believing in my purpose and be more open: it’s okay to change directions and let in new influences; keep learning and keep teaching.

I then went through a list of CDF’s and set my eyes on a word. Believe & Explore is just the subheading, the title of 2015 is: Capable. Funny, because I’ve lately been drawn to the feeling of Accomplished, but Capable sounds more reasonable for my age and where I’m at.

having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing.
able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent.
Synonyms: competent, able, efficient, effective, proficient, accomplished, adept, practiced, experienced.

What’s the difference between a feeling and a goal?
I could just make my New Year’s resolutions to be:

  • Turn my blog into a business.
  • Write and publish an e-book.
  • Start up an online shop.

But what am I really after? What is behind those goals? What feeling is it that I’m trying to feel by reaching those goals?
I want to feel like I’m capable of following my visions. Yes, I’m very much hindered by self-doubt and my introvert. By already feeling Capable, I will reach those goals and others without having to put much thought into them.

You could have several core desired feelings, but to set a theme for a whole year I advise to go through your goals and find one common theme/feeling that you’re trying to mediate through your New Year’s resolutions. When you’ve decided on a core desired feeling, you go on to make a list (as I’ve done down below) of how you’re going to act in order to feel that way now.

As Danielle LaPorte said: “The Journey Should Feel Like The Destination”

Three things I will do every day to generate this feeling:

  1. Wake up every day with a “Thank you” or a smile.
  2. Show kindness to people, plants, pets and loved ones.
  3. Metta Meditate at a minimum of 10 minutes in silence.

– Being Capable of me is: being there and showing up, having a positive outlook on life and spreading the love.

Three things I will do weekly to generate this feeling:

  1. Move my body.
  2. Put any ideas into small actions.
  3. Have creative moments of physical crafting.

– Keeping my body active and strong transcends into every aspect of my life. It’s not about finishing your work, but to have the guts to start them and putting them out there.

Three things I will do every quarter to generate this feeling:

  1. Support others.
  2. Challenge myself.
  3. Just do it – whether fear or lack of perfection.

– Hard to explain, for me, supporting and helping others is a sign of being accomplished. Challenging yourself with things you don’t want to do and overcoming them generates very much the feeling “I’m capable of…”

What’s your New Year’s resolutions or theme of 2015?
Tell me in the comments below!