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So, we bought another batch of Organic Goji Berries, despite the warning. We figured that their high nutrient content and our clean diet compensates the harsh and polluted climate they grow in. Also, we found them to be a great source of Selenium, which we run short on. I know about brazil nuts, but I never really have the urge to eat one just because.

We’ve tried Bee Pollen from other various brands but made the conclusion that these were of the highest quality by their greenish color and intense taste. Eating them straight is like taking a teaspoon of cinnamon! This did not come through with other brands. They aren’t as good tasting, but just that makes them so much more raw to me.

No matter how much I like a beauty product I will usually try something new. But Tamanu oil has become such a favorite that I see it as a staple. I thought about trying another brand, but couldn’t really find one that said ”organic” on it and I really like the dispenser on this one for future uses.
I love it with a few drops of roman chamomile to keep my skin calm as we now go into summer where my face starts to break out more (too much Pitta eh?). Of all the oils I’ve tried, it’s my favorite, by consistency and properties. The history use of Tamanu oil has been to protect the skin from the sun and sunburns, high humidity and ocean wind.

Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter

And lastly, some Raw Shea Butter from Nubian Heritage. Not a repurchase.
I’ve stopped wearing sunscreens and started looking at ancient remedies. Shea butter is high on that list, and people in Africa still uses it as protection and nourishment. It may have and SPF of only 6, but considering eating a watermelon will give you an SPF 3, seems like big numbers aren’t what it’s all about.

This one is also infused with Frankincense and Myrrh which both has very healing properties and used for centuries, nonetheless they’ve been used as mosquito repellents.
Myrrh also has an SPF15-20, it is said that Myrrh was the secret that kept ancient Egyptian skin so lovely and tanned. They would carry a cone on their heads made of hippo fat and essential oil of myrrh that would then melt down on to their bodies, protecting them from the mosquitos and getting sunburned. It has been used to maintain healthy skin, prevent skin aging and sooth chapped or cracked skin.

The smell surprised me, and I can’t say other than that I completely love it! I don’t know why I bother describing the scent, but here we go: ”fresh cacao” and almost ”masculine” would be my opinion. Still, I like it a lot and haven’t been bitten or sunburned yet, just a lovely even tan.
For me it’s been a matter of keeping my skin hydrated. Dry skin will burn, just as dry wood. Oiling yourself up creates a protective and lubricated layer that not only protects you but also nourishes you and still makes your body able to absorb some sunrays to create precious and life forming Vitamin D.
For my face I use an oil blend with the tamanu and some carrot seed oil.

I’m interested to know what you use to protect yourself from getting burned?
Tell me in the comments below!

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