Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Desert Essence Moringa, Jojoba & Rose Hip Oil and EcoTools Dry Body Brush IHerb Haul Review

Another iHerb Haul for you guys!
I’m running quite behind, with this order being made 6 months ago, but at least I’ve given the products a proper testing period! Enjoy!


EcoTools | Dry Body Brush

I bought a dry brush years ago, but never got the hang of it. I suspect the bristles were too soft. The EcoTools dry body brush is made with synthetic bristles and has much less give. It felt almost too harsh in the beginning, but with continued use, the bristles have softened up and have become more pleasant. I only wish it came with a handle and that the strap was adjustable or brush size was smaller, as it tends to fall out of my grip. Nonetheless, it made me dry brush more often as it actually feels on the skin, but I’m not sold on the dry brushing-ritual.

Desert Essence | Moringa, Jojoba & Rose Hip Oil

I managed to tip over my newly bought glass of Moringa oil from Shea Terra while cleaning, which broke and spilled out all the oil.  So while I was ordering from iHerb, I thought to check if they had some cheap Moringa oil or blend to replace my disaster. For some reason, Moringa oil has not yet made it to the general public hype, and so the only bottle I could find containing a good amount of it was this oil blend from Desert Essence.

UPDATE: Since my purchase iHerb now also stocks Russell Organics 100% Moringa Seed Oil and Kava King 100% Moringa Seed Oil

Besides Moringa oil, it contains two of my favorite oils, jojoba, and rosehip. However, it also contains orange peel essential oil for fragrant purpose. So I mostly use it as a cleansing oil or nightly body oil. It feels great on the skin and though I’m not fond of fragrances in skincare, I do like the smell of orange. 

Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm review iherb haul

Pixi Beauty | Nourishing Cleansing Balm with Sweet Almond Oil & Cocoa Butter

When I saw that iHerb had started to stock Pixi I couldn’t resist ordering something! I went with the nourishing cleansing balm, as I was thinking about getting a cleansing balm anyways. I did see that it had fragrance, but as it is last on the list, I thought it might be quite mild. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It’s very fragrant, and I don’t even like the smell.
The balm itself feels very buttery, in a bad way. It doesn’t come off with only water, a cloth is a must – which I think could’ve been provided with the product. It’s definitely hard to impress me after trying out Emma Hardie’s cleansing balm – that one has the right consistency, washes off with water and smells wonderful!

The Pixi cleansing balm contains cocoa butter, so can be potentially pore-clogging if you’re not careful with removing all of it. The skin feels great, but I think it suits someone with dry skin. So, unfortunately, this didn’t become a hit with me and I’m pretty afraid to purchase other products from Pixi knowing how fragrant they are.

iHerb Haul Miss Spa 24k Gold Radiance Mask review

Miss Spa | 24k Gold Radiance Mask

One of those things you drop into your basket just because… And that it says gold! It has real gold particles (at least it says Gold second on the list), B3, oat extract, peptides and white willow extract, and no fragrance.

I’m not so into sheet masks as some in the beauty community. For me, it’s just a waste of… Sheets? And I don’t like that it comes in single-use, great when you just want to test it out, but pretty expensive in the long term. Don’t tell anyone, but I tend to re-soak the sheets and use them once more. ..Shhhh…

I brought this one with me to Crete and tested it out after our 3rd night. I’m a bit confused as to when you should sheet mask? Nighttime or in the morning?
While this one felt lovely, it left me with lots of gold particles on the face. And the solution didn’t feel enough comfortable on my skin to leave on. So to spare my skin some irritation and getting gold stains (omg first world problem!) on the hotel pillows, I did the thing you shouldn’t do, I washed it off!

So in a way, I can’t say if it had any effect on my skin. Despite its powerful ingredients, I didn’t feel more glowing the next morning, and my face didn’t seem the slightest calmer. But I guess this isn’t one of those masks you’ll see immediate results. I might buy it again and this time leave the solution on, as I have no problems getting gold freckles on my own pillows. They need to be replaced anyway.


Peter is hooked on the Bell Plantation PB2 and we love our vegan vitamin D3 5000IU from MRM.


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