Everyday Minerals samples Dome blush brush eyeshadows

I decided that my next natural make up brand to try would be Everyday Minerals. They are budget friendly and has a great selection of foundations, blushes and eye shadows. Also, they have these two awesome offers where you can buy three products for 25% off and get a 7 piece free custom sample kit. In a need for a new blush brush, I also added two eye shadows, and picked a few various samples to go.

Everyday Minerals Dome Blush BrushEveryday Minerals Eye Shadow Special Delivery & She's Delightful

Everyday Minerals Dome Blush Brush


So far I’ve been using this old Laura Mercier blush brush that came with a kit, and while I found it to be of good quality of keeping its softness I felt as if I should get something more proper and vegan.

The dome blush brush is dense and teddy soft, and gives just the right amount of color to your cheeks while being buildable. This brush reminded me that there is really no bad make up, there’s just really bad make up brushes!

This brush also doubles as an all over face brush, and works even in applying bronzer. Though the handle is a bit loose on the copy I got, I haven’t experienced any shedding, and so I’m very happy with my purchase.

Everyday Minerals Eye Shadows

I picked up two neutral eye shadows that I’ve been eying on to create a romantic no-make-up-look. First day wearing these a guy came up to me, which is a rarity in this town. Well okay, it may not be the eye shadows, but there’s no question that they enhance your beauty somehow!

– I wanted to add some of the new satin eye shadows, but at the time, they weren’t a part of the 3 piece kit to choose from.

Special Delivery

Special Delivery is a matte warm copper toned eye shadow that is great for giving depth to the eyes by filling in the crease or as well as an all over lid color. I also like to put some below my lower lashes. I treat it like a bronzer for the eyes.

She’s Delightful

She’s Delightful is a lighter and more sandy color. Golden nude is a good description and the picture on the website is quite accurate of what you will get. I use it as an all over lid and brow bone base and highlighter. It’s good for an all natural look, waking up the eyes a little bit.

I’m wearing them both in my “Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo“-review.

Everyday Minerals Peony Petal Blush Everyday Minerals All Smiles, Sweet Coral BlushEveryday Minerals Blush Peony Petal, All Smiles, Sweet Coral

From top to bottom: Lily Lolo Clementine, Lily Lolo Beach Babe, Everyday Minerals All Smiles, Everyday Minerals Peony Petal, Everyday Minerals Sweet Coral.

Everyday Minerals Blushes

Everyday Minerals have a lovely selection of blushes, but my only concern is that most seem to only suit people with fair to light complexion. While I would agree that there’s a lack of blush colors for fair skin, there’s no reason to not include a variety of colors to suit every skin tone. Though, maybe it’s just my skin tone that’s the problem.

Sweet Coral

I really liked Sweet Coral in the beginning, and was all like “This is what I’ve been looking for!” It goes on light and has a barely-there look that is buildable, and I could see fair skin use this as a bronzer, because it gives your cheeks a bronze-y touch, which I like. But then, either my face caught some sun or something, it just stopped suiting me. It’s just barely visible anymore or plainly looks wrong, so this is definitely one for the lighter complexions I feel.

All Smiles

While the deep shade of this one might scare you off, it ended becoming my favorite of them all. It’s a bit more rose-colored than on the picture they have on the website, but it does turn more orange-brown when blended into the face.
I didn’t think I would like it, so I got very surprised when I found it suiting me so well. Maybe it’s because this color is very similar to NARS Orgasm and universal, I can see it suiting almost every complexion, depending on the lightness of application. Because this dust is highly pigmented and it needs a good brush to blend it out nicely.

Peony Petal

This one came as a bonus sample. And you know how much I love Peonies?! Well again, this one is more for someone with a light complexion I would say, or maybe even dark(?). It’s just too pink for me! It looks more like Tea Rose in real life than what is pictured on their website. While I can pull it off, blending it out nicely, it’s not the blush I happily turn to.

Everyday Minerals Poipular Shores Bronzer, Bronzed Finishing Dust, Semi-Matte foundation 4W, All SMiles Blush

Clockwise from the left: Everyday Minerals All Smiles, Semi Matte Base Foundation in Golden Medium 4W, Poipular Shores, Bronzed Finishing Dust.

Everyday Minerals Bronzer & Finishing Dust

Poipular Shores Bronzer

I never liked bronzers until Alima Pure converted me, and while their bronzer Mauna Loa is hard to beat, I did quite enjoy Everyday Minerals bronzer for light to medium skin Poipular Shores. They are very similar in color, only Poipular Shores comes off a bit more lighter than Mauna Loa, which makes it hard to fail and look like you’re dirty or something.

Sunlight & Bronzed Finishing Dust

The Sunlight Finishing dust is a nude translucent matte powder with a yellow tint to neutralize redness and dark circles, and will suit most skin shades.

The bronzed Finishing Dust looks close to the shade of Poipular shores, but ends up a bit more red/orange on the face. Which didn’t suit me at all! My winter skin just ended up looking dirty and sun-burned haha It was just not a good look for me. So to fix this I blended it with the Sunlight Finishing dust, which made the shade go on more neutral.

If you got oily skin and want a matte finish, this is it! I personally just like more of a dewy look, and I don’t put oils on my face just to have them removed. I’m not so into finishing dusts that supposed to rid off the shine, because I always end up with a very dry feeling face and dry patches, and this one was no exception.
Nonetheless, my face stayed shine- and oil-free to the end of the day, if that tells you something about this product.

Semi Matte Base Foundation in Golden Medium 4W

Everyday Minerals has three types of foundation to choose from: Matte, Semi-Matte and Jojoba for drier skin types. I went with the semi-matte for I like some glow to my face.
I wouldn’t say that the Golden Medium 4W shade was a good match for my complexion, but it works well without making me look weird or anything, I’m actually quite sure it will match me better as soon as I get more color on my face.

Their color selection isn’t the best in my opinion, and I had a really hard time deciding what shade I should go with, none of the girls in their foundation selector help page was a close match to me. I blame that for being mixed race… I’m usually a warm 3 with a yellow undertone, but in this case Everyday Minerals’ warm 3 was in beige. Fortunately, the Golden Medium 4W is lighter than what you’d expect, so it blended quite nicely.

I don’t know if I can compare mineral foundation, in the end they do the same thing, it’s just a matter of finding the brand that carries your perfect match. I’m also not into wearing foundation, hence I only ordered one foundation sample. While I don’t have the plans to buy a full size foundation any time soon, it’s nice to have a sample to turn to whenever an unexpected event happens and you’d like to look a little less natural…

Feedback: Sample Packaging

After trying out a few samples from different brands, there was one thing I disliked with Everyday Minerals, and that was the packaging of the samples. It was quite hard to get the product out without making a mess and I would much rather have them more cylinder formed like those sugar sachets. I was lucky to have a few empty pots, but I didn’t have enough for all the samples and had to wait until I finished one to try the next. Delivering the samples in containers like TiKei does it, would have been a better solution I think. However, you do get enough product to try for at least two weeks of daily use.