Bumble and Bumble Getaway set thick, Oil primer, Don't Blow It Thick, Surf Infusion review

Bumble & Bumble has been on my radar for quite some time. It took ages for them to reach Sweden; unlike today, where new brands seem less and less difficult to come by. And by the time they were easier to get my hands on, I fell into a more natural hair care routine. And when I stopped with that, I was misled to believe Bumble & Bumble isn’t cruelty-free. However, as I was scrolling through their site recently, I noticed the bunny logo next to their products! Maybe they just became cruelty-free, maybe they’ve always been? Either way, I got so excited because I’ve always wanted to try out their cult products! Before caring about ingredients and animal testing-status, I did get the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray imported by a friend from the US. I’ve also bought their Sumo wax for my boyfriend. So that’s about the only experience I have with this brand.


Bumble and Bumble Oil Primer, Don't Blow it and Surf Infusion review

Bumble & Bumble | Summer’s in the (H)AIR SET

I decided to pick up their summer edition travel set from 2017. It cost me 249SEK/€25 at Eleven (it’s still available if you’re interested!) and contains three of their best sellers for creating that air-dried beachy summer style. There are – or were – three different sets to choose from, for fine, thick and curly hair. I’m not really sure what my hair is, it’s probably fine to medium – mind that B&B seems to be referring to density(?). But the only kit Eleven had left was the one for thick hair. But it didn’t bother me as I rather wanted to try the new Surf Spray Infusion. For the summer of 2018, Bumble & Bumble offers similar sets, called “Getaway” but instead of a primer, you get a dry shampoo/finishing spray for each hair type. The one for curly hair is also slightly different.

I’ve been using these three products throughout the summer and on my travels. And as I’m close to finishing them up, it’s time to give my honest opinions on them!

Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer review

Bb. Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer


I rather would’ve wanted to try the cult favorite, Hairdressers Invisible oil. But I guessed this could give me a taste of what it’s about.
The Bumble & Bumble Oil Primer is a pre-styler for medium to thick hair that’s either dry, damaged or color-treated. I wouldn’t say that my hair fits the bill, but I gave it a fair try.
It has a blend of six oils that supposed to help soften, smooth, tame, de-frizz, detangle, and protect against breakage – without feeling heavy. Plus, it has protection against UV rays. This thing comes with a lot of promises!


As it’s designed for hair that’s completely the opposite of mine, I didn’t expect to like it. My first thought was that it would probably feel too heavy on my hair and make it feel greasy faster. My past experiences with any type of leave-in have left me quite dubious towards these types of products. However… Surprisingly, I ended up liking it so much that I quickly jumped and bought the full size – as Bangerhead has it at 40% off! I found it to deliver on a lot of the points it promises. However, don’t expect miracles. Something I found it to fail in, was the de-frizzing part. It had no power de-frizzing on dry hair. On wet hair, it minimized it a bit. But overall, the Invisible Oil Primer has the ability to make your hair feel soft and look healthy. The nozzle also gives a very fine mist that doesn’t seem to clog up. The primer helps a lot in detangling, which is the #1 reason I was interested in a primer in the first place, it’s just a bonus that it also conditions the hair. However, as a refresher and re-styler, I don’t find it to be very good or do anything to be honest.


I’ve used some other primers in the past, for example, I did like the R+Co One. But the Bumble & Bumble Oil Primer just feels a lot more nourishing, can be used as a leave-in conditioner, as well as having UV protection. With 40% off I just could not resist repurchasing and using the small bottle for travels. With that said, I am unsure if I’d repurchase again in the future.
As with all primers, they do get used up quite quickly. And this one’s not cheap. But I do think it’s a great addition for almost any hair type. If the 40% discount stays or comes across again, I’ll probably jump on it. Otherwise, I’m fine using a more simple and cheaper one just for detangling.

Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Thick review



As the name suggests, this cream is supposed to be used on days you want to let your hair air dry and comes in two versions. It is described as a texture and body enhancing styling cream with a product-free feel. It also has got UV filters to protect your hair from the sun. The Don’t Blow It “Thick” has a richer cream texture than the cream for fine hair. It’s supposed to condition, de-frizz, and add more control to an air-dried look.
I’ve become a bit bad at air-drying lately, mostly because my hair doesn’t always dry to the finish I want. So I got very intrigued by the idea of this product and was the second thing I most wanted to try in this kit!


The first time I think I took a bit too much because my hair didn’t feel very soft and felt almost dirty. Later I read that you’re supposed only take a small amount and after that, we became better acquainted.
Things I’ve noticed is that, despite it being for thick hair, it weirdly enough makes your hair feel fuller. I don’t know how people with already thick hair feels about that, but I personally enjoyed it.
The product delivers on its promise, you do get a more refined air-dried look with this with less frizz. But it doesn’t eliminate all frizz and doesn’t really give more definition to the hair as much as I had hoped for. Not the least, it also doesn’t make the hair soft as you’d expect. I was anticipating softer, shinier and more defined locks, but got just more of a feeling of fuller hair with less frizz.

I didn’t try their recommendation of applying this and then twisting your hair in section. My hair never seems to want to stay that way when trying, and that only dilutes its own natural wave. My only option is twisting and then securing it in a bun, but that would take too long for it to dry!
So I would just spray some primer and then apply one small dollop on each side up to the midlength, and then let it air-dry. As always, letting it air-dry at home will result in less frizz, than when you let it dry outside in the wind.


My only gripe with this product was that it felt somewhat drying to the hair. I don’t know exactly why or how, it doesn’t seem to have any drying agents in the formula. I still like the idea of the product and it did, in fact, make my hair dry faster and look a bit more polished than without this product. But nothing overly impressing. I bet that a really good leave-in would give the same if not better results. I haven’t given up my hope on it yet, I will try the other Don’t Blow It for fine hair, to see if I like it better. But I’m a bit afraid that it will feel even more drying(?).
Nonetheless, I have been reaching for it a lot during summer and even right now. It lasts a long time as you don’t need a lot, I still have about half of the tube left. However, I do wonder if this product could’ve been formulated better? Focusing more on shine, light conditioning, and definition. I’ll probably report back when I’ve finished this one and if I try the other one!

Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion review



Although the fine hair kit would probably suit me better, I was not so keen on using the original Surf Spray again. As mentioned, I’ve had and tried their original, like 5 years ago. However, I got kind of disappointed with it. The nozzle would get clogged, which made the mist more concentrated than fine. And it made my hair feel gritty, matte and dry to the point that I wanted to wash it the next morning.

I don’t understand surf sprays, it’s supposed to mimic a day at the beach. While it definitely can be individual and depending on which ocean you jump into, I for once has never experienced my hair being as gritty and dry from swimming in the ocean as these “beach sprays” make your hair to be. Quite the contrary, it’s been defined, soft and shiny even! 
So when they came out with their Surf Infusion I got really excited and wanted to give it another try! It’s supposed to be more conditioning and give a softer feeling to your hair with shine. 


The Surf Infusion from Bumble & Bumble is definitely a better and softer version in my opinion. I enjoyed this one a lot more than the original. It has a very fine mist that covers a lot. The nozzle hasn’t gotten clogged, but instead, it has had the ability to collect oil and become slippery. But you know what, I rather deal with some excess oil dripping through than a clogged and useless nozzle! But it’s quite disappointing that there’s even a problem with the nozzle on both versions!
The hair does look a bit shinier and healthy thanks to the added oils in the formula. Still, the hair does get this gritty and dry feeling. This makes it easy for my hair to get tangled and it gets less easy to brush through. To combat some of that dryness, I’d recommend using it together with something conditioning, as the invisible oil primer. And speaking of the primer, the Surf Infusion gets used up almost as quickly. My last complaint with this product is that it tends to make the floor slippery after use! 


I wouldn’t mind getting the travel size again. However, after this, I’ve just come to the conclusion that salt sprays aren’t my thing. The honest truth is that this wasn’t something I would reach that much for during summer. But when I did, I enjoyed the texture for a day or two before I felt the need for washing. I still feel like salt sprays dirty-fy your hair faster and it would be something I’d reach for the day before washing. The only problem is that the hair would just look even dirtier. So as much as I wanted to use this last, it’s definitely more of a first-day styling product.
My hair is naturally wavy, and though these beach sprays are touted to enhance that texture, I just personally rather focus on definition/separation, softness and shine. Salt sprays don’t make the hair look healthy and polished. And that’s more of the look I’m trying to aim for. While the Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Infusion does come close, I just find that a product like the Aircraft mousse from R+Co gives me more of that more polished and soft beach waves that I’m looking for. Which I mentioned in my Empties Vol.3 review that you’ll find here. So when it comes to beach hair I’ll go for products, like creams and mousses, that enhances my natural texture from now on. However, I would like to try the Surf Foam Spray as a last attempt to like anything from this line.

But if you do like salt sprays but would like a softer and shinier look, this is a great option that also delivers UV protection!

Bumble and Bumble Getaway set Oil Primer, Don't Blow It Thick, Surf Infusion Spray

Final thoughts on the kit

I really enjoyed this set of products and felt it was perfectly curated to give you easily achievable summer hair. All of the products can be paired together or be used separately.
The price and value are worth it if you like to try things out or just stock up on travel sizes of your favorite products. As I got my kit I got the urge to buy me another one. But I’m saving myself to try one of this year’s Getaway sets as well as having an eye on their holiday sets. I love that B&B offers a large majority of their bestsellers in travel sizes. So if you only liked one of the products in the set, but not sure you like it enough to buy the full size yet, you can just go for another mini size.

Also, none of these products have been overly fragranced, which is a huge plus for me! The scent of the Oil Primer smells like coconuts and the Don’t Blow It styling cream has a fresh “ocean breeze”-smell to it. The Salt Spray smells like the original, quite soapy-men’s-fragranced. Not really my liking and think they should really change that.
Anyway, I definitely recommend picking up one of their sets if you’re interested in the brand! You’ll find them at Sephora, Ulta, Bumble & Bumble’s official website. In Sweden/Europe: ASOS and Lookfantastic are offering the latest B&B travel sets.


What’s your experience with Bumble & Bumble?
What B&B products do you recommend?
Share your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

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