I said that I was going to post one “What I Eat”-vlog at least once a month, and I’m sorry that I haven’t done that for two months now! This was actually filmed in February, and as you see, the days were pretty dark and lightning no good, and during this time I didn’t feel much motivated to do anything involving a camera – so my blog suffered too. It shows in my editing lol So I’m sorry this video ended up being kind a boring… 

With the addition of snapchat (@frivolousgirl) lately, where I’ve been posting more of what I eat, I’ve felt less of a need to make these videos. However, I know not everyone of you will install another app just to see what I eat, so I’ll keep trying to post one of these once a month! No worries ;)


The juice is practically the same recipe as the last one, I usually base it off with pineapple and cucumber. I know it seems like I juice everyday, but it’s more like once a week or less. But I am thinking about juicing for a whole week, and maybe that will motivate me to drink more green juice.
Blood oranges and organic oranges was is season, so we took an occasional break from our regular smoothie bowl, and swapped it for a big mono meal of oranges. Truly great for digestion.


My breakfasts used to consist of a small serving of yogurt with some fruit (which usually was the only fruit I ate that day), but since my diet change I have barely tried any of the plant based yogurts. I guess I felt they just didn’t taste the same.

Fast forward a few years later, my taste buds seem to have neutralized on what yogurt is supposed taste and feel like, but I like to think that plant based yogurts has come a long way in their formulation. I’ve also started experimenting with soy-products, and do think they are the best match to the real (but-not-made-for-human-consumption) deal. However, I do like one yogurt made of oats from Finish brand Yosa. They make a vanilla-version that looked and had more of the consistency of Crème Brûlée, that I used to pour some date syrup over to make it more dessert-like. But some people didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as I did, and so they’ve recently changed the formula to be more goopy, and now I’m less of a fan.


During winter I lean much towards a sweet potato heavy diet with root vegetables. And well, when I think about it, all of my “what I eat”-vlogs has included sweet potatoes for dinner! Nonetheless, I’ve also beet eating a lot of Sri Lankan-style dinners, consisting of rice and lentil curries.
I’m sorry to say this, but don’t ask me what’s in that avocado mash as  I’d like to know too! lol Because I was lazy with the editing, I’ve now forgotten what I exactly put in there. But I’m quite sure sweet mustard and nutritional flakes are included.

I might have had a few snacks or more juice during the day, unfortunately, I did not keep a diary as I thought I’d edit it as soon as possible, while my memory was still fresh.

Do you also tend to eat the same stuff everyday?
Tell me in the comments below!