Hey Lovelies, I’m back with another What I Eat-video!

Trying to keep my promise of posting these once a month, but I’ve felt it’s been hard. We’ve only gotten about 1-2 hours of pure light, and still it’s been too dark to shoot in the apartment. My pictures isn’t getting that crisp and bright, and neither does my videos. Being all about “aesthetic feeling” this hits my process hard lol

Well in this episode you get to meet “Feedme” the cat, and see a glimpse of my morning yoga, which I always kind of do stress-fully right before Peter comes home for brunch. Somehow time flies in the mornings…
I was going to post this and the gnocchi recipe right before Christmas but other things just came between. I’m now only hoping to get the recipe within the two coming weeks. With a little motivation of you hitting that like-button I’ll be able to find that time ;)

Again, these videos are in no way “this is how you should eat” or that I’m a perfect eater in any way!
You’ve probably seen my Instagram, I do at times eat processed vegan meat substitutes, and sometimes I will split a 100g vegan dark chocolate bar with my hubby, or eat a fatty meal at a restaurant. I’m hoping to get those times too on camera. What I eat has just been highly requested, and I needed something different to do, and so I deliver :) And I hope you like it and get inspiration on what to eat on a plant based vegan diet!

How Many Calories do you consume?

I also want to respond on an issue, where one of my dear long-time reader pointed out that this day looked low in calories. I kind of felt that this question would come up while I was editing…
But I can assure you that this full day of eating ended up at about 1900-2000kcal:
Juice: ~400kcal; Smoothie bowl: ~650-800kcal; Flat breads w/ sheese: ~200kcal; Figs: 290kcal; Kaki: ~170kcal; Sweet potato gnocchi: ~300kcal.

I do not count calories on a daily basis or ever (just for these kinds of videos), whether it is to cut down or to aim high, calorie counting is not in my interest at all! And I don’t think it should be your concern on how much energy I’m consuming, because we all have different needs and metabolisms, it’s best to focus on yourself in terms of how much you should eat.

I happen to have a relative slow to average metabolism on a cooked diet, and I have the most energy when I’m not consuming too much. Even when I’m very active, I don’t see my appetite hit so much above 2500kcal, anything above that would be force feeding. Also, my acne stays clear whenever I keep the amount of food small and easy to digest – I’m suspecting low stomach acid, and I’m researching more about this.

Why I believe in eating according to the season and activity level

In the first What I Ate-video I was active twice a day (uphill biking in the morning/lunch and then gym/biking at the evening) and so I ate according to my appetite. This is the first winter I’ve kept some kind of consistency with my training, but with that said, my activity level has declined, and so I’m naturally consuming less food.

The winter seasons before this, I would usually be less active but would still consume the same amount of calories, and this resulted in me gaining weight and actual fat – which took me over 6 months to remove with consistent and daily exercise! I’m tired of this yoyo-ing, if I lived in a place where the weather was more consistent and where I could keep my high activity level all year around, this wouldn’t be an issue. But the dark and short days do get to me, and I go from exercising about two times a day to only 3-5 a week and sometimes there will be a whole week of rest because the weather is either bad or too cold for me to go out and do something. This year we did get a gym card, but there’s been days where the darkness just affects you and you’re feeling more tired than usual, and I like to listen to my body at those times.

So I don’t feel ashamed to be eating below 2000 calories on some days. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been during any winter season thanks to just listening to my body, modifying my diet and keeping up with some consistent daily activity, even though it’s far less than what I do in the summer. I haven’t been binging and I haven’t felt deprived. And so I encourage you to listen to your body’s needs and adapt to the season and activity level for optimal results.

gym selfie frivolous girl


About My Absence

Then let’s talk about the big elephant in the room…
I know I haven’t been my best since November, not living up to my goal of 1 post per week, and I wish I could tell you how I have this editorial plan for this year and how I’m going to turn 2016 to an even more awesome blogging year. But I can’t either tell you if this is just winter blues talking, but I’ve lately felt quite uninspired to blog and just had this want to hibernate for a while. (Does sound a lot like winter blues…)

I don’t want to admit it, but I’ve felt kind of bored.

There’s also a lot of personal mental imbalances too that has made me more inward. In other words, I’ve been needing this time to kind of re-purpose myself. And so, I’ve been looking into different kinds of mediums to switch it up a bit, YouTube being one of them.

However, I do have a few things in plan for this year!
I will of course give you an update on both my acne and my little experiment with Vitamin D & Menstruation, as well as continue with the Femininity-theme I’ve got going.

I’ve also had a few people contact me to write/contribute for them, and I’m really excited to do so! :)
Just recently, Fanny at Nirogam reached out to me to do an interview on my experience with Ayurveda for their blog! Nigoram focuses on Ayurvedic healing techniques and Natural Medicine, and their blog is filled with interesting articles on Wellness and Herbal Remedies, that if you’re interested in Ayurveda then you should definitely check it out!
And if you’re interested to read the interview on what I had to say about my experience with Ayurveda, click here.

So, as of now I’m going with the flow, and jump on the opportunities that comes around the corner.


This Year is all about purification

Another little announcement is that this year I’m planning on doing a Detox and Parasite Cleanse, and also maybe a water/liquid fast. Not sure right now on how I will compose it.
I thought about doing it last year, but I felt like focusing on activity than slowing down for healing. Also, I didn’t feel completely ready, and were still questioning the practice. But I’ve lately gotten so many hints and signs, and during my last full moon dream it got very clear that I shouldn’t worry and that I’m prepared to do it now.

I’ve set it to happen somewhere between May and September. The detox isn’t cheap, so I’ll be compiling the different herbs and supplements during these coming months. The detox will at least extend over 28 days (life cycle of a parasite) and I’m yet unsure if I’m going to document it, and if then how. There will be more extensive posts on why and how I’m going to do it and what I’ll be using. I’m considering doing a blog post-series on it.

Actually, the “why” is kind of hard to explain, there’s different angles in it, one of the reasons being to enter the 3.0 version of myself. The cleanse, I see, is just a tool to retune/open up, making sure I adjust to the new frequency. The upgrade has been going on already since the beginning of last year, but I’ve been handling it so bad and it’s taking a toll on my mentality, feeling very split inside. I see this cleanse as the only way to regain my sanity.

Don’t know if any of this makes any sense to you? I will try to explain more as we get closer to the detox.
Unless it all resolves before that. But just imagine how the agility from Yoga opens you up, the same could be said when you’re cleansing your internal pipes. Opening up the Chakras from the inside through removing out old junk and toxicity.

But yeah, that’s about it for now :)

Hope you had the best during the holidays!
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