naturalbox review

I remember when I was a pre-teen, there were all these book club-subscriptions. Anyone remembering Funtasie (which I didn’t really know how to pronounce) and Sisters? Well, I remembered the joy of getting a secret package every month through the mailbox. I didn’t think that years later there would be a grown-up version of this, and of course I had to test some of them out!

Last year I had a 12 month subscription of Glossybox given to me by my boyfriend at Christmas after some begging..
You may recall me posting some of the boxes but then stopping. Well, the more I grew into simplistic and natural beauty and health, the less impressed I got of the things in the box. You can guess right that I was a bit sad and torn when someone else had spent their money on a gift I actually begged for and to then not really take value in it! I felt so ashamed.
Well, I did the best of what I could with the not-so-clean products. Sometimes you would be lucky to get something from like Balance Me and Zoya. Oh the happiness when that happened! But most products weren’t on my clean list to say.

So for this Christmas Peter and I decided to have a joint gift and bought us a 6 months subscription at Naturalbox which focuses on natural beauty and healthy snacks. I thought it would suit our new lifestyle better and be less disappointed and actually take use in the products.

You may wonder why  I haven’t showed you any pictures or even mentioned my subscription?

The simple answer is: We used it up before I could even tell you guys!
We would usually get our box every Friday which we would pick up on our way to Sundsvall. The snacks would then vanish before we even stepped foot on the highway, and well then it would just not be a complete picture haha
To say the least, it was fun to have a box that we both could enjoy!

The subscription is a bit pricier than Glossybox but I l do agree here that you get more value for your money and most of the beauty products are full size.
Another difference is that the content of this box isn’t a surprise. There is a mystery box available, but you can always try to just avoid checking their page out and it will be a surprise!



I don’t like to find faults, but here’s my less positive experience:
You could get a sample twice or more from the same product.
It’s actually not a big deal, if you bought the product you could always give the sample away to someone.

  • The snacks weren’t always “clean”. I mean, no matter what candy, candy will always be processed, refined and unhealthy. The same for the bars, where I prefer my own low fat ones for energy.
  • Too much focus on same brands. During these six months I’ve only gotten to try Phenomé, Mádara, Nonique and Inecto Pure Coconut. The last one not being “clean” in my eyes, but I tried it. In six months I would have loved to try more products. I did however love the products I got and use them daily, except for Inecto Pure Coconut.
  • There was a problem and delay with the February box, which I know wasn’t their fault, but I sure would’ve loved to been informed via email than finding it out on Facebook. Even when I emailed I didn’t get the real cause of the delay. So my tip for them would to always stay in touch with their subscribers via email and always tell them what’s going on.

Nonetheless I’m very happy with my subscription, and the last months has been delivered without problem. Both Peter and I are considering continue our subscription, but there’s more vegan snack boxes that have popped up that we may also would like to try out: Vegansk Snackbox and Veganlådan. And to add, Naturalbox is also coming out with a Veganbox!

I enjoyed getting teas and lipbalms – can never have too much of those you know! Anything from Go For Life and drinks were always appreciated.
It was really the right step from Glossybox and I never felt disappointed in that I couldn’t use a product.
My favorite box was the last one (May), even though it had less products than the boxes before I totally loved the Limited Edition “Nothern Herbarium” from Mádara Cosmetics.
Other things I enjoyed getting was: Humble Brush, Organic Toothpaste, Organic Vanilla, Organic Dried Pineapples, Coconut and Birch water.

It absolutely gets the “Frivolous Girl Approval”-stamp! (remind me to make one!)

Have you tried NaturalBox, what’s your thought?
Do you have any other vegan/natural beauty related box subscriptions?