K pour Karité Hair Mascara Color Review

I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to have some fun with my hair and switch it up a notch with some violet highlights. I recently discovered hair mascaras from K pour Karité and decided to try one of their vibrant colors for a tie-dye effect.

K pour Karité Hair Mascara Color Review


K pour Karité | Hair Mascara in Violet Orchidée


I haven’t colored my hair or experimented much with it since I was fourteen, and I don’t think those unnoticeable “sun highlights” I did during high school counts. I wish I was as brave as Hello Annabela bit of jealousy drool – who decided to permanently color her hair pink recently. My own coloring history has only stretched as far as to washable colorings like Lilac that wasn’t much noticeable on my dark hair. And not to mention that time I went with a red washable color, soaked in a bath, and suddenly the water turned red! I freaked out and called for mom, thinking I must have hurt myself or something. And my mom got more horrified than me until we realized it was my hair color leaking out. lol

While I feel a bit late to the rainbow hair trend that’s been going on for almost two years now, I’d like to think that colored hair will never go out of fashion…
I couldn’t find many if any, reviews on this, so here I am the first to contribute my thoughts on this magical wand!

About the Product

Beyond the original organic hair mascaras from K pour Karité for hiding grays, this hair mascara comes in the colors: Electric Blue, Red Passion, Tropical Green, and also sparkles of silver and gold.
The color is contained in a squeezable tube and comes with a mascara wand… Hence the name.
The formula is made using natural ingredients and without silicone and has not been animal tested.


I was a bit worried that the color wouldn’t be noticeable on my semi-dark brown hair, but after watching demos of a few other similar products, I felt reassured that its use does extend further than to blond shades. The violet color, which is very pretty, does make notice, but at the same time quite faint. Of course, I would like it to be more vivid. The thing is if you see someone with a vibrant hair color, it’s probably extensions, permanent color or they’ve lightened that part to blond to make the color stand out more. Chalk or hair mascaras will look faint on most hair types.


I would say it’s easy to apply. I just wish the wand would pick up more of the color. I’ve tried it both on dry and wet hair and applying it on damp hair does make it look more natural and less dry. But the color shows up more when blending it into dry hair like I show in the video.

The formula is quite hard to scrape out with the wand. And squeezing the tube does not ensure of a complete disaster coming out! I’d recommend to carefully squeeze out a dollop on a plate and whisk the wand in that than trying to shake and catch the product with the wand.


The product dries within 5 minutes on dry hair and depending on how much you tried applying. While the color looks quite vivid, it brushes out too easily I would say! Alcohol is the second ingredient, and I’m not so keen on it. It does indeed make your hair dry and a bit hay-like and more prone to tangles, so it’s nothing I would apply daily, but maybe once a week or for special occasions. But because of this, you get the urge to comb your hair after the product has set, which sadly results in the color coming almost off and won’t be as vibrant as it was once applied.

It says on the website that the color does not stain, and while I haven’t had it stain my clothes or pillowcase, it does come off on your fingers if you’re up in your hair with your hands, which then can stain whatever you’re touching. Probably just me who needs to be more careful when knitting and handling material haha
However, stains are nothing to fear when this product comes right off when coming in contact with water. But maybe its washable formula is a bit too easy to get rid? From my experience, the color has faded well before your next wash. Not to say I don’t like the idea, just wish the color had more staying power than a few hours. But I guess, staying power could’ve been taken care of with some hairspray? I don’t know, it’s my first time using this kind of product, so I’d be glad for any helpful tips to be shared in the comments below!


I do not feel dissatisfied to the point of giving up on this but would love to test out other similar products like the color bug and hair chalk or maybe in the future I grow some balls to actually permanently color my hair. But with my forever changing mind and wanting to keep things as natural and kind as possible, I doubt that will ever happen. As for now temporary hair colors like this one will do the trick!

INGREDIENTS: Water, Alcohol Dénat., CI 77742, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Parfum (Fragrance), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77019 (Mica), Silica. OBS: Different ingredient for different colors!

Where to buy
K pour Karité | Lyko

Ever tried a temporary hair color product like this one?
Tell me your coloring history in the comments below!

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