You only got one homework in your life.

You are not meant to strive, but to submit.

You are not meant to think, but to feel.

You are not meant to work, but to explore.

Feel the wealth you already have, and it will intensify.

See the success you have now and the amazing things that are waiting for you, and the world is yours.

Gratitude is the only homework and tool you’ll ever need.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving…

Thank you feet,
For carrying my weight and taking me places where I would not be able to reach without you.

Thank you knitwear,
For making me feel cozy and warm when it’s -2°C. I would not survive winter without you.

Thank you cat,
For not running away when we let you out in the summer, letting me pet you and pick you up even though you hate being treated like a child, putting up with my scare-tactics, and no matter how upset you get, you always want to stay close to us.

Thank you best friend and lover,
For carrying me in your arms even though your back might hurt, being smarter than me, taking care of alive and dead spiders, buying expensive plants instead of roses that might die in few days, and giving me the supporting and time for building my freedom and dream.

Thank you to who ever invented the shopping bag on wheels,
Because carrying melons and 8kg bananas alone would not be possible otherwise.

Thank you E.L. James,
For making sexy books that spices up my every-day, where were you when I was a teen?

Thank you internet,
For making it easy for loners and outcasts to connect with people around the world, sharing information and giving out knowledge.

Thank you lovely readers,
For making Frivolous Girl part of your must-reads, sharing your opinions and troubles with me. You are all awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies.