iHerb Haul Auromere, Black Mud J.R Liggett's Shampoo Bar, Shea Butter, Pacifica Mascara

It’s time for one of those iHerb Hauls again.
Here’s a mix of repurchases as well as some new products like a new shampoo bar and face mask!


iHerb Haul Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Frankinsence & Myrrh

Nubian Heritage | Raw Shea Butter Infused with Frankincense & Myrrh


This butter smells amazing, and I love slathering it on during the summer. It’s my second time repurchasing this, I’ve written about it’s uses before.

I should’ve almost gotten put off by my last purchase, where I got a white old-smelly one with a hard consistency. If I lived in the States, I would’ve sent it back. And if that wasn’t enough, this one came delivered looking like semolina pudding! Not kidding, all grainy and soft, completely useless.

But because my very first order was the most lovely it can be, my hope and love for this butter has kept my hopes up. While you can’t really improve old butter, more than try to use it up, grainy shea butter is still savable!
What I did was simply to put it in a warm water bath, waited and stirred until most grainy bits had melted. Technically it’s not really raw when doing this, unless the water is 40°C, but then the grainy beads won’t truly melt.
I know I should’ve snapped a picture of the pudding consistency… But as you see in the picture, it turned out looking the way it supposed to! The beads that didn’t melt completely has probably sunken down to the bottom, but overall, about 99% of them disappeared. Ahh, summer saved!

How to Correct Grainy Texture in Mango or Shea Butter

Sea Minerals | Black Mud


In my last haul I had purchased the Moroccan Red Clay and mentioned that I’ll be purchasing the black Dead Sea mud next.

I don’t know why, but I thought it was going to be powder, and so I got very surprised to see raw mud in the jar. They’re not kidding when they say “absolutely natural from the Dead Sea, no preservatives have been added”, looks like it was just harvested.
I’ve always loved face masks made out of dead sea mud, it’s very gentle and a little bit grainy which gives some exfoliation. Reminds me of Rhassoul clay in consistency.

I did read up on some review, and it seems like it’s not for everyone. I havenät experienced anything negative with it, and I’ve used it about 4 times already. It is a natural product and can feel irritating to the skin in some cases.

iHerb Haul Black Mud iHerb Haul J.R Liggett's bar shampoo

J.R. Liggett’s | Bar Shampoo Travel Size, 4 Bars & Travel Case

I mentioned in my last newsletter (sign up here or down below) how Andrew Perlot re-awoken my interest in shampoo bars when he stated that the J.R Liggett’s was the best natural shampoo. Well, somehow I went and bought the Juliet Rose shampoo soap before trying the J.R Liggett’s, because I have trust issues when a hair product company doesn’t sell a matching conditioner. But I felt like I needed to try it, and now when I know how well a shampoo bar can work, I wanted something more to compare to.
So I opted for the travel size kit to be able to test a few of their shampoos and if I hated it, there wouldn’t be much to waste.

The travel kit comes with a travel pouch, a “Bar Saver” to attach to the soap for better grip of the cute mini soaps where you get 2 of the original formula, 1 Tea Tree & Hemp Oil Bar (no fragrance), and 1 Jojoba & Peppermint Bar.
I’ve only so far gotten to test the original formula, but I will come back with a more thorough review. As for now, I can only say that I’m not disappointed!

Andrew Perlots’ J.R Liggett’s Shampoo Bar Review

Wholesome Sweeteners | Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

The reason there even is an iHerb order. We usually only order from iHerb when we’re short on things like Coconut sugar or Goji Berries. iHerb offers a good price point than what we can find in our local stores and webshops.
We usually will go for whatever is cheapest at the moment. I don’t think we’ve tried this brand of coconut sugar before, though I can’t really see any big difference. It works well over my raw snack cereals, Thai woks, soups, marinaras and just about anything where the caramel flavor doesn’t come off too distinctive.

Auromere | Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste Foam-Free


Still one of my favorite natural toothpastes. This is my third repurchase of this wonderful foam-free natural toothpaste. It’s got a weird fennel and cardamom flavor, but after a while you get used to it, and if you’ve washed your teeth with natural toothpaste before, then the consistency and taste shouldn’t be a surprise to you.
I have kind of sensitive gums and teeth after years of only washing with whiteners, and this one has a mild whitening effect but works very well for me.

iHerb Haul Auromere Foam-free toothpaste iHerb Haul Pacifica Aquarian Gaze iHerb Haul Pacifica Aquarian Gaze in Deep in Deep

Pacifica Perfumes Inc | Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Mascara in Deep


Okay, first of all, what’s the deal with not calling black for what it really is?
So I somehow managed to purchase the wrong shade, because for me “Abyss” sounds way more like blue, than “Deep”. But coincidentally, I was just looking at blue mascaras a few weeks ago and totally fell in love with the look. However, I wouldn’t claim to say that this one gives you that dramatic blue/purple look to your eyes, this is not for the ones wanting to be brave, but more for those who want a subtle tint.

I got excited to try Pacifica’s mascara after HighCarbHannah mentioned it to be the absolute best natural mascara. But somehow my memory got confused, thinking she meant the water-resistant one. So another fail by me. This is what happens when your boyfriend rushes you at the checkout of an online order kids

Anyhow, I’ll definitely have use of this one in the summer… If that summer weather would ever start that is. And I’ll be purchasing the original in black next time I order something from iHerb.

The Aquarian Gaze mascara does come in a beautiful packaging though, and with some Alima Pure Eyeshadow in Atlantis together with the purple mascara, it’s like discovering your inner Mermaid.
Unfortunately, (this could also just be my copy of the product) I find the wand to not be ideal. You have to work hard to get some color on your lashes. After about 5 minutes of “building it in” your eyes looks amazing, but then it flakes… And is quite hard to wash off, even with oil. So no, not so impressed by this water-resistant mascara, it works but I wouldn’t repurchase it. Hoping the original will live up to the hype instead.

iHerb Haul Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara in Deep

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