iChoc Vegan Chocolate Milkless, Choco Cookie, Almond Orange, White Nougat Crisp

Coming at you with a quite different post today, namely, a taste test! Vivani, the famous German organic chocolate brand, brings you iChoc that’s completely vegan! Out of six flavors, my boyfriend managed to order four of them, and I went ahead tasting them all myself…

iChoc Vegan Chocolate Almond Orange

iChoc Vegan Chocolate

Except for being completely dairy-free, iChoc does contain some kind of nut paste in their formula (hazelnut paste), rice milk, no palm oil, and all of the chocolates are gluten-free except for the Choco Cookie. Other than that, they are exceptionally delicious! But hey, is there really anything like “bad chocolate”? Don’t think so…

Where To Buy

Because iChoc is a German brand, it’s easier found and purchased in the EU.
For Swedes: we bought ours from Apotea/Vitaminvaruhuset, which is a great pharmacy webshop and carries the other Vivani chocolates.
For UK: Vegan Town carries all the flavors and offers a bundle on all of the six!
For the rest of the world: Roots of Compassion ships world wide for a not so hefty shipping price.

Watch my first impressions and which made it to be my absolute favorite in the video down below!
I hope you enjoy!