Antonin B. Ceramides Enriched Desert Hair Serum Review

Surprisingly, my love for oils does not extend further to use in my hair. Even after switching to green hair care products and rearranging my diet, I find that my scalp seem to produce much oil on its own. But I recently got approached by Antonin B. who kindly sent me their hair serum to try. I was a bit skeptic at first, but when I saw it contained Abyssinian Oil, my skepticism turned to curiosity.

Antonin B. Ceramides Enriched Desert Hair Serum Review

Antonin B. Hair Serum*


The Ceramides Enriched Desert Hair Serum is made with 100% plant sourced ingredients and 79.40% of the ingredient comes from organic origin, and has been eco certified. It has a combination of light and fast absorbing oils that will enhance shine and smooth out the hair without weighing it down. It is particularly made for dry, color treated or chemically processed hair.

The Serum

Okay, so I don’t have the most dry hair… But recently since my last hair cut, as well as the winter dryness, my hair has become quite static and unmanageable after washing. I’ve tried using simple oils like Argan oil to tame it, but I’ve felt like the result just gotten me greasy hair that needs washing more frequent.

This hair serum is very light and liquid, just like water. And 2-3 drops is all that is needed to settle the static in my long hair. Although, even at higher amounts, you’re hair won’t feel too greasy but still look gorgeous. As a pre-wash treatment I’ll comb in as much as 4-10 drops, as I like to get a deep treatment. I then skip on the conditioner, otherwise I’ll be washing my hair soon again.

You can always mix the serum in your favorite conditioner or hair mask for extra boost.

The only con with this product would be that it has a very strong scent of Ylang Ylang.
You know me, I’m pretty scent sensitive. I’m not fond of ylang ylang, and would like a more fresh citrus smell like bergamot to it. The serum has got both lime and lemon oil in the mix, but the Ylang Ylang just overpowers them.
Still, I’m able to use this product without getting light headed. Because the pro is that  the smell doesn’t linger on, and after a few minutes it becomes more subtle and actually very likable. Though, it is a preference to consider before purchasing.

Then there’s the overall general thing with oils in the hair, they tends to mess up your hair brush. So I try to stick with 2 drops and no more to keep my brush clean.

Antonin B. Ceramides Enriched Desert Hair Serum Review

The Packaging

The packaging of this is really nice, the hair oil comes in a UV and light resistant black glass container. I’ve had my fair shares of bad pipette, but this one is one of the best I’ve used! It’s easy to control and fill up, I will definitely save it and reuse it for other purposes. #zerowaste
You get a whole 20ml, but considering what a small amount you actually need, this will last you for quite some time. You can either just opt to only using it as a conditioning booster once a week.

INGREDIENTS: Balanites aegyptiaca (Desert date) oil*, Brassica abyssinica (Abyssinian) oil*, Bertholletia excelsa (Brazil nut) oil*, Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oil*, Corylus avellana (Hazelnut) oil*, Aleurites moluccana (Kukui) oil*, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) oil*, Borago officinalis (Borage) oil*, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Coconut Alkanes (and) Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil*, Triticum vulgare (Wheat) flour lipids, Tocopherol, Cananga odorata (Ylang-ylang) oil*, Brassica oleracea (Broccoli) seed oil*, Citrus limonum (Lemon) oil*, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) oil*, Cymbopogon martinii (Palmarosa) oil*, Pelargonium rosae (Geranium) oil*, Benzyl benzoate°, Benzyl salicylate°, Citral (geranial and neral)°, Citronnellol°, Eugenol°, Farnesol°, Geraniol°, Limonene°, Linalool°. *Ingredients from organic farming °Components naturally present in essential oils
ORGANIC: Desert date, Crambe, Brazil nut, Safflower, Hazel, Kukui, Jojoba, Borage, Coconut, Broccoli. // Ceramides. // Organic essential oils of: Ylang-Ylang, Lemon, Lime, Palmarosa, Bourbon geranium.

Antonin B. Ceramides Enriched Desert Hair Serum Review

Abyssinian Oil

So the base of the Antonin B. hair serum is Desert Date oil, but next in line is Abyssinian oil that I’ve stumbled upon while doing my oil research, and has my thoughts on adding it to my collection.

Abyssinian oil is touted as the plant-based alternative to mineral oil, and because of its way of adding natural shine without feeling or looking greasy it is a natural replacement for silicons in hair care products. It has a unique molecular structure that’s not found in any other naturally occurring substance: it contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids, making it highly resistant to oxidation.

It is a balanced oil when it comes to the oleic and linoleic ratio: Oleic–8-28%  Linoleic–3-15%

Though it is described as a light oil, Abyssinian oil alone is naturally quite viscous. But because it’s mixed together with different plant oils in the Antonin B. hair oil, the serum itself is very water-y and light.
On the skin, Abyssinian oil creates a protective film, that acts as an effective barrier against dry weather and pollution, adding luster and life to dull skin.

It absorbs easily into the hair, giving it a boost of shine and condition. Just like on the skin, it acts as a natural protection against the elements and assists in detangling.

While Argan Oil has its special place on our skin, next in the spotlight of hyped oils is thought to be Abyssinian Oil.


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