These are the three I vary between. In the picture the colour looks the same in all, but there are some small diffrences. All three are loved by consumers and have very high ratings.

Smashbox Blush Rush in Chiffon

I was going to buy it in the colour Flush that’s a more of a rose-colour than peach, but somehow I played it safe and got Chiffon instead, which flatters most complexions and is said to resemble Nars Orgasm.

At first look the shimmer may put you off, and if you’re going for a matte look you may go elsewhere. I for another hand like the shimmer, it works a little bit like a highlighter and I don’t think it’s too much.
The blush is buildable and very sheer. The lasting of it on the cheeks is questionable though, if you rubb your face a lot there’s a big chance anything will wear off eventually. So touch-ups can be required.

I use the Smashbox almost everyday, and I think this spring it turns 2-3 years.
The packaging I love, it’s compact with a little swivel mirror, fits great anywhere. And I’ve dropped it a few times and to my surprise the powder didn’t break (or maybe I’m just lucky).
Would buy it again and maybe try another color, but Chiffon is great!

Clinique Blushing Blush in Precious Posy 

This is actually my mom’s that I stole from her ’cause she doesn’t use it and I think it’s too good to not use it. It’s the most expensive of the bunch, probably because you get a brush with it. Now, I’m usually very skeptic to follow-along-brushes, but it works surprisingly great.

The colour looks similar to Smashbox’s Chiffon, but this one has less shimmer in it and it’s more pink than peach. This one also goes well with all skin colours and gives you a fresh flush. It’s buildable and long lasting.
The packaging is maybe a little big, but I like the double-sided mirror, and the easy-to-use brush that comes with.
All in all it’s worth the price and I would definitely buy it again, even the same colour!

Nars Blush in Torrid

I got this one imported from a friend who lives in the US.
As with Smashbox, I was going for two shades different from each other, I really wanted Deep Throat (peach with shimmer – also, naughty name!) but somehow I ended up with Torrid (warm coral with shimmer) when it was too late to change my mind.

Torrid is supposed to be a darker shade of orgasm; I read that it’s a great shade in the summer matching up with your suntanned skin. Well, to be honest I don’t use it frequently, only in the summer, if I use it in the winter I look like a clown. It’s extremely pigmented, not sheer like the other ones. And usually coral shades may suit me, but this one is just gives a little bit too much color.

Everyone seems to love Nars blush which makes me feel a little uncomfortable complaining about it. My biggest issue with it is that the powder kind of gets very hard and compact leaving hardly anything on the brush. I usually take some paper and rub the surface until the powder gets loose, but then I get too much on my brush. Not ideal. Clinique has the same problem, but not this severe. Or maybe I just don’t use it enough?
EDIT: I eventually threw it as it was unusable. Too bad as it was expensive for a blush.